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Sir Ivaine

No description

Mitchell Larimer

on 29 September 2012

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Transcript of Sir Ivaine

Presented By: Mitch Larimer, Cassidy Draker, & Brandon Rooks Sir Ivaine The knight of the Round Table known as Sir Ivaine was a courageous, kind, light-hearted, and merry. But these positive features were tempered by his tendency to be fickle, forgetful, and to make light of grave issues. When Sir Ivaine was a young man, just recently knighted, he set about to rid the land of the Black Knight, a wicked man who was known to be a warrior of extreme evil. Upon his first confrontation with the Black Knight Sir Ivaine quickly fell to the Black Knight, only surviving because the Black Knight arrogantly left him for dead. This would set the stage for the Black Knight's demise. Many years after Sir Ivaine's run-in with the Black Knight the King and Queen of the time overheard the retelling of sir Ivaine's adventure. this in turn led him to ask their permission to set forth to once again to attempt to slay the wretched Black Knight. yet to sir Ivaine's extreme displeasure the king and queen saw fit to send a whole company along with him. And so, since Sir Ivaine thought this should be his task alone, snuck away in the midst of the night. Whilst traveling ahead of his company Sir Ivaine came upon a lion locked in grave combat with a great serpent. When Sir Ivaine realized the serpent was about to slay the magnificent lion he quickly drew his blade and shore the serpent in half. Following this remarkable event the lion became Sir Ivaine's faithful companion even ferociously saving him from a company of twenty armed men. After a great many days of travel Sir Ivaine finally reached the dwelling of the Black Knight where he promptly called him to battle. The battle was great, the sword strokes fierce and hard. Yet as fiercely as the Black Knight battled, Sir Ivaine proved to be the better knight. Yet rather than stand and die before Sir Ivaine, the Black Knight fled towards his keep, with Sir Ivaine in close pursuit behind him. As the Black Knight drew past the portcullis of his keep it dropped, killing Sir Ivaine's horse and stranding him within. The Black Knight had died immediately after reaching the keep, from the wounds Sir Ivaine had given him. He fled up a turret fearing what the castles residents would do if they discovered him after slaying their lord. As he was ascending the keep he came upon a maiden who upon hearing his story agreed to hide him away. The maiden also told Sir Ivaine about the true owner of the castle a beautiful woman kept prisoner because she refused to marry the Black Knight. And after a time the maiden also told the castle's Mistress of Sir Ivaine. The Lady moved Sir Ivaine to a room where she could help the maiden care for him. After some time of being cared for the Lady, Sir Ivaine confessed his love and asked the Lady to marry him. She of course accepted. Years past and everyone was happy. Then one day a party of the Knights of the round table visited the Keep in which Sir Ivaine dwelt. They were embarking on a grand adventure and had come to pay their respects to Sir Ivaine and his beautiful wife. Upon seeing the knights, all of Sir Ivaine's love of adventure and battle lust returned. So acting on this he eventually persuaded his wife to allow him to go adventuring with the other knights. Her only condition was that he return by one year and a day. Sir Ivaine almost kept his promise of returning within a year. Yet on his return he stopped to pay his respects to King Arthur. There he became ensnared in a tournament, for he greatly loved tournaments. He won great acclaim for himself with his prowess in the tournament. And he was happy until one day the maiden who originally hid him rode into court bearing the ring Sir Ivaine gave to his wife when he wed her. Sir Ivaines wife was giving it back due to his breaking his promise. Upon hearing the news that his wife vowed never to see him again Sir Ivaine fell into a deep delirium wandered deep into the forest kept alive only by his faithful lion and a kind hermit. One day in his delirious wanderings Sir Ivaine came upon the stone platform where he fought the Black Knight. On seeing the place, Sir Ivaine collapsed upon it, falling into a tortured slumber. As chance would have it the Lady who had once been Sir Ivaine's wife passed the stone platform. On seeing its mistress the lion guided the woman to Sir Ivaines prone figure whom she immediately nursed back to health. After seeing the devestation Sir Ivaine felt by being kept from her the Lady again accepted to be his wife. and fom that point on, even when Sir Ivaine moved to King Arthur's court, they were inseperable.
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