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Auditory Vs. Visual Learning in men and women

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Maren Ransom

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Auditory Vs. Visual Learning in men and women

Do men and women have different strengths in the way they learn? Visual Vs. Auditory Auditory Learning Visual Learning So What's the Experiment? Auditory learning is one way that some people are best able to learn. A person who is an auditory learner is better able to retain information that they hear, rather than information that they can see or interact with. Visual learning is another way that some people best learn. Visual learning is better able to retain information they receive by being able to see it. Watching videos, and drawing pictures are examples of how a visual learner, learns the best. I am wondering if there is a difference between how men and women learn. Obviously everyone learns differently, but I am hoping that by this experiment, I will see if more men are visual learners or auditory, and the same thing with the women. I also wanted to see if gender affected the test scores. The TESTS 10 male, and 10 female people are both given two memory tests. The first test is visual. Each person has 1 minute to look at a seried of 20 words, before they write down as many of them as they can remember on a peice of paper. The second test is auditory. 20 different words are read aloud, and each person writes down as many of them as they remember. HYPOTHESIS: I think that auditory learning will be more effective in both the male, and female groups because they will be more able to remember sounds, than something they read on a piece of paper. RESULTS ARE IN! FEMALE TESTS: VISUAL AVERAGE: 55%
AUDITORY AVERAGE: 40% The score for the auditory test was much lower than I was expecting; the females tested were better visual learners than auditory MALE TESTS: VISUAL AVERAGE: 58%
AUDITORY AVERAGE: 47% The male test group scored better on both tests than the female test group. Both of the men and women test groups scored much higher than I expected on the visual memory test. The men scored higher on both tests.
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