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No description

Gozde Tandon

on 7 December 2014

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What is strength and warmth
Strength or Warmth
Strength and Warmth
First Impression
Nonverbal Communication
Verbal Communication
Verbal Warmth: The Circle
Strength + Warmth, Word by Word
Making it Happen
Implications to the Management of HR
Recommendations of the Book
The Hidden Qualities that Make Us Influential
John Neffinger
Matthew Kohut
Required reading at Harvard Business School and Columbia Business School
Our Book
Person's capacity to get things done with their abilities and force of their will
Elements of strength
Ability: things that lets you affect the world
Will: the strength of character it takes to act
Men are associated with strength
Testosterone is the hormone which corresponds with strength
The sense of belonging and feeling cared for
Elements of warmth
Empathy: putting oneself in the shoes of others.
Familiarity: source of comfort.
Love: basic affection and attachment
Women are associated with warmth
Estrogen and oxytocin are the hormones which associated with warmth
Strength vs. Warmth
Strength inspires fear and warmth inspires love
The choice is not easy; as a leader, both strength and warmth are the foundations of your career.
Strength and Warmth
First Impression
The first things that people learn about you are all decided at the first glimpse.
Body Type
Sexual Orientation and Identity
Overall book is easy to follow and suggestions seem easy to implement and test in real life.
The authors quote a number of psychological studies to support their conclusions.
There are essential life skills identified in the book that are easily relatable.
All the content was evolving around strength and warmth. Therefore some areas were slow moving since there were some repetition.
Inadequate citing of credible research methodologies used to support examples depicted in the book.

Implications to the Management of HR&OB
Recommendations of the Book
Verbal Warmth: The Circle
The circle “When in Rome, Be a Roman”
Connecting with the Audience
Adopt warmth to connect with the Audience
Avoid Arguments

Strength +Warmth, Word by Word
Empathizing vs Systemizing
Story telling & Humor
Judgment is a two way street
Making it Happen
Honest feedback from friends and family
Posture, facial expressions, vocal tone, gestures and specific words
Presence, Performance & Position
Success provides a cushion for respect
Nonverbal Communication
Verbal Communication
Projecting Strength and Warmth in Various Context
In public speaking
In the context of love
In politics
At work place
Managers should project strength to receive respect and project some warmth to reach admiration
Some managers are biased when classifying their subordinates by stereotyping based on gender, sex orientation, age and ethnicity
Facial expressions should be a key factor which managers should consider when addressing a team
The need for managers to cultivate the habit of portraying a style that defines warmth and strength
Managers should adopt various skills which portray a combination of warmth and strength
Negotiating Power
Workplace Behavior
Human Resources Management and Recruitment
Skills needed for effective Leadership such as emotional intelligence, communication, visions, organizational skills, and political skills
Anger, disgust and happiness
Smiling (the strong smile)
Eye contact
offering a conversation partner the same kind of nonverbal signals they are offering you
appearance shapes perception (clothing, shoes, colors)
Pitch, speaking rate and tone
Conveys a great range and depth of feeling

Creates a description of strength and warmth
Verbal strength
We definely recommend this book if you want to influence the people around you...
Our Team
Gözde Tandon
Vigesh Rajagopalan
Larry J. Mckellop
Chukwuemeke Tibi
Kareem Al Fahry
Group #14
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