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ZH - Anne Frank in Historical Context

No description

Zach Handzel

on 8 March 2012

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Transcript of ZH - Anne Frank in Historical Context

Anne Frank in Historical Context 1929-1935 1931 The Star Spangeled Banner becomes United States National Anthem 1931 Al Capone becomes of Tax Evasion 1933 Adolf Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany 1936-1940 1936 Life Magazine Hits Newsstands (Adolf Hitler was chancellor for 14 years in a time where the people of Germany were desperate for help) (For his conviction Convicted Capone is sentenced to 7 and a half years in prison) (In the year 1931 a young man named Francis Scott Key wrote the Star Spangeled Banner) (1936 was the first year Life Magazine came out and it is still being sold TODAY) 1937 Cy Young Elected into Baseball Hall Of Fame ( Cy Young Pitched the First Perfect Game in American League History) 1938 Austria becomes a State of Germany (Austria is still a a State of Germany today) 1941-1945 1941 Japan Surprise Attack on Pearl Harbor ( After this attack the U.S. Held the Japanese Captive) 1945 U.S. A-Bombs Japan (This event occured about 3 Years after Japan Bombed Pearl Harbor) 1945 United Nations Formed (The United Nations are still together up to this day) 1929 Anne Frank is born (Anne Frank was born in Frankfurt Germany) The Night of the Broken Glass (On this Night 30,000 Jews were arrested and sent to Concentration camps) 1938 1942 The Frank's and a few others go into hiding (The Frank's stayed hiding for 2 Years) 1945 Anne Frank dies of Typhus in Bergen-Belson (The camp was Liberated 1 month later) 1933 The Franks Move to the Netherlands 1934 Anne Starts school in Amsterdam 1940 The Germans invade the Netherlands 1940 All Jewish Children are ordered to only attend Jewish schools (In these schools they put many children in one classroom) 1944 Anne Frank writes her final entry in her diary (This was her final entry before being taken) Conclusion As every thing was going on in Anne Frank's life there was much much more going on in the other parts of the world; both good, and other evils that Anne Frank never had a chance to know. She never got to hear the Star Spangeled Banner, know about Al Capone, Pearl Harbor, or Cy Young. Anne Frank helped us learn a lot about history through personal experiences written in her diary. These are things we might never have known. It's kinda sad that Anne Frank never got to know how all these other events were happening during her time hidden in the attic.
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