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The Mysterious Benedict Society

No description

Jeff Strayer

on 9 April 2015

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Transcript of The Mysterious Benedict Society

The Mysterious Benedict Society
By Trenton Lee Stewart

Authors Craft:
Example: "You," Mr.curtain repeated, looming over the children and glowering in particular at Reynie. "You betrayed me!
Authors Craft:
Example: "Too bad we can't actually give them belly aches," said Constance. Stickys ears perked up. "who said we can't?" he said.
Authors Craft:
Example: "Kate,Reynie, are you ready for ignominious defeat?" shouted Rhonda from across the court yard. "Defeat? We know not the word!" Kate shouted back and then whispered to Reynie, "Actually 'ignominious' is the word i don't know." "shameful," Reynie said. "Hey i can't know every word mr.smarty for crying out loud, how-" "No, 'ignominious' means shameful."
Authors Craft:
Exploding the moment
Example: down, down the winding passage they went, though darkness and spider webs and dripping water, until at last they emerged into a cold wind, brilliant sunlight and the sound of waves breaking on rocks. they were on the far side of the island, the side opposite the bridge. in the distance a flat bottom motorboat lay beached on a strip of sand scarely wide enough to accommodate it.
Authors Craft:
Example: "thats it" he repeated, this time in an excited whisper. "Both places at once! Sticky whats the sigh for the Gemini?" "sign of the twin," sticky said offhandedly. his eyes widened. "wait a minute!" "Thats right," said Reynie. "I think Mr.Benedict has a long lost brother.
Why did the author do this?
The author included surprise in the book so you would keep reading.
Why did the author do this?
The author wanted use to keep reading to find out more.
Why did the author do this?
The author used cliff-hangers to make us want to find out what happens next.
Why did the author do this?
The author used humor to show the mood of the character.
Why did the author use this craft?
The author used this craft so we would understand what was happening.
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