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No Place to Call Home A Time line of Unfortunate Events

No description

Andrea Hardwick

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of No Place to Call Home A Time line of Unfortunate Events

No Place to Call Home A Time line of Unfortunate Events Campbell
Chapter 3
Consulting Junius
In this chapter Frankie talks to Junius more in depth and how to become a hobo.
Chapter 4 - 5
Making a choice
In These chapters Frankie makes the decision to exchange he tickets for money and starts the rode as a 'Bo
In this chapter everyone is having the realization that they are out of work and no one has money for servants. Although Frankie is going to live with her aunt in Chicago but she doesn't really want to go. This is when Junius tells her about beeing a Hobo.
Chapter 1
Francis Father Dies
Francis is a 12 year old girl but she wakes up to father shooting himself because he lost all of his money in the great depression.
Chapter 2
Servants are out of Work
Chapters 6-7
Here we see Frankie buying boys winter cloths so she would be a more convincing Hobo and she cuts her hair too.
Chapter 8-9
After sleep in a box car for a night she and stewpot take a bath in a near by quarry that had flooded and after that they head to the jungle.
After they arrive they meet up with some of Stewpots friends Vera, Dot, Tex, Happy Joe, and Blink. After they catchup Stewpot and her have to go work for a farmer to bring back food for the group to eat that night
Chapters 10-11
In these chapters a few more charters stumble into the jungle we have Omaha Red, Slim Jim, Spit and Peg-Leg Al.
They told each other good places to go. They all went to sleep and when they woke up Frankies bag was missing. Luckily they found it but it seemed that Omahas Gang had stolen things from it.
Chapters 12 - 13
Frankie and Stewpot make there way into town and got Frankie a knife and some skills in negotiation. After that they got some day olds and other food items and stew got some cigar boxes that Frankie had no idea why he neaded them.
Chapters 14-15
Frankie finds out that the cigar boxes are for Stewpots hobby. He likes to whiddle. They were in a refrigerator car with oranges. Stewpot doesn't seem to like to read.
Chapters 16-17
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