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The Intolerable Act

No description

Keats larson

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of The Intolerable Act

The Intolerable Act
The violence takes place
It took place on March 5, 1770 and was one of the causes of the Revolutionary War. The same day the Boston Massacre took place in Boston and five people were killed. :(
In 1770, their money amounted to less than 21,000 pounds. Their revenue generated by the Townshend duties. This eventually led to the Boston Tea Party.
Trouble erupts
After the French and Indian war the British Government decided to reap greater benefits from the Colonies. The colonists were passed even greater taxes without any representation in Great Britain.
After this act the Colonists were upset and acted quickly which led to the Boston Tea Party as we already said.
The Intolerable Act
The Government of Great Britain spent sums of money on troops and supplies in an attempt to subjugate Massachusetts. They lost huge amounts on looted, spoiled and destroyed goods.
Back to the Intolerable Act
By: Keats Larson
In 1770
By Keats Larson
Got information on ushistoy.org
Their actions led to this
The war for independence
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