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Water lesson plan

No description

Brittany Montel

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of Water lesson plan

Water Conservation Water Conservation
and Erosion Ways to Conserve Water Water Conservation Water is the key to human life. If we don't conserve it there will not be enough supply of it for everyone on Earth. Now here's a video for fun.. Erosion from Water The video showed us several ways that we
can conserve water. These ways don't only
conserve water but they conserve money.
These ways are also very easy. Shut off water while brushing your teeth. Take short showers. Only water your yard during the morning and evenings. Fix a dripping faucet as soon as possible. Store water in the fridge for when you want a cold drink. Water erodes land over time.
Erosion is what caused the Grand
Canyon to form. Erosion is a process
over several hundred years. Here are
some examples of erosion. Water Erosion Here's a video about erosion Now on to the next theme about water... EROSION!!!!! Here is a video about Erosion
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