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Online Platforms to Develop Student Vocabulary

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Veronica Cazacu

on 28 February 2015

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Transcript of Online Platforms to Develop Student Vocabulary

Students learning a foreign language often exhibit a deficiency in mastering the vocabulary of the target language. A poor vocabulary base does affect the overall linguistic performance of a learner both in writing and reading.
This Web 2.0 teaching tool is a poster-creation tool that allows you to combine text, pictures, graphics, video, and audio into an interactive poster.

Vocabulary is the first and foremost important step in language acquisition. Language learning can be made interactive and interesting with the introduction of appropriate vocabulary exercises. That’s why I will try to make an attempt to present the various online platforms that can be incorporated in the teaching of vocabulary items in a language classroom.
Presented by:
Cazacu Veronica

Online Platforms to Develop Student Vocabulary
How do we usually teach vocabulary?

Believe it or not, incorporating Wordle or Tagxedo into your classroom lessons is quick and easy! They are great for promoting critical thinking skills in your students.
The main advantage of having words in an image is that it really gets the students to see the vocabulary in a new way and can provide an additional meaning by ‘visually hanging the words off an image’.
These free tools create word clouds from text provided by the user. Text can be from an original source, or from a URL.
These platforms generate word clouds and give greater prominence to words that appear most frequently.
wordle.net tagxedo.com

Tag Galaxy
is a stunning way to explore vocabulary and word associations. When exploring new vocabulary, students can enter a word into Tag Galaxy to determine the meaning. The connections they will make to the images and related words will be MUCH more powerful than simply recording a definition of a word.

Quizlet is a funny way of studying something. It offers various ways of learning a language such as tests, games, spelling and pronunciation activities. Here you can also search for or create vocabulary sets which your students can access from home in the form of digital flashcards and play with them in a variety of games.
Teachers can create a vocabulary set for a topic. Students can build their own Tests to practice the words in multiple choice, true and false, fill-in and matching questions. Then, they can practice with the games Scatter and Space Race.
Students should be glad to learn new words by using all these opportunities.

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