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Facts about myself

No description

Dexter Demme

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of Facts about myself

Facts about myself
By Dexter Demme

i love the game because i get to play with my friends. also because it is just really fun
I also like painting because in a way its like drawling because your using your imagination but it is also different then drawling in many ways
my favioret team is the portland trail blazers, they are my favioret team because one of by favioret players is on it aldrige,
I Play shooting guard in Basketball, ive been playing Basketball for 5 years know. the first team i ever played on was the YMCA the junior lakes, i would never score because i really didnt know how to play but over time i became very skilled in the sport
i have been playing guitar for about a year i am not that good but i am okay. i like playing quitar because its fun just to be able to play music on a different instrument.
I love free drawling because you get to use your imagination to create anything you want to create
I have played the drums for about 3 years and i am pretty good if i may say but latley i have been djing more than both of the instruments but i still just play around on it sometimes.
I also like photography because its cool to be able to catch a photo and able to keep it forever
i have started to dj. i really like djing because i really enjoy mixing and being able to pretty much combine to songs into one song while adding beats to the song i find if very in joyable
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