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No description

celeste Garcia

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of journalisim

By:Celeste Garcia
Step 3:Searching
When you find your topic you start writing about the article you chose .We use are chrome books to write in and to post things on the CTMS news website on Kid Blog.
Monday, December,8,2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
In journalism
What I learned
I learned a lot about the job of journalism and how the writers go through the process of actually posting there article on a blog.These are the steps.
After finding and writing the article you send the article to your editor (we had 2 editors).Once the editor is finished editing your article you would post it on some sort of blog.The blog my class was posting on was CTMS news.Then when we were finished you would start at step 3 and do that process over and over again
To start off the journalists have to pick the category they want to write about.The one that I chose was the category of yuma.
Journalists usually find a story to write about after picking there category . What we had to do was go on google news,or any other website where we could find news articles what and find an article.
These are some of the categories you could choose from:Yuma,sports,photography,entertainment,science,there is also the job as an editor,and the schools the announcements journalist.
Step 4:posting and editing
Step 1
Step 2:finding interesting
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