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Mobile Apps in 2015

No description

renzo sanchez

on 11 July 2011

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Transcript of Mobile Apps in 2015

Mobile Apps in 2015 CSX • The Mobile Apps Revenue will Reach $38 Billion by 2015.

•160 million consumers to use cloud-based apps by 2015. Revenue related to consumer use of cloud-based backup/storage sites will grow from almost $75 million in 2009 to more than $372 million in 2015. • Mobile-only Internet population will grow 56-fold up to 788 million by the end of 2015

• Mobile network connection speeds will increase 10-fold by 2015. OLED ( Organic Light-Emitting Diode ) is the next step in
screen technology for electronic devices.

These new screens will help in the future with such technologies as Augmented Reality and 3D-Holograms.
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