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Copy of Copy of My Visual Autobiography

No description

Sofia Mullan

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of My Visual Autobiography

My Visual Autobiography
My husband and three kids...
More about me...
About me...
I am originally from the Philippines. I have been in Australia for twenty six years.
When I first arrived in Australia I lived in a small town in the Kimberley’s called Halls Creek with my Mum and Stepfather. It was always hot in Halls Creek even in winter.
I attended Halls Creek Primary School.
At school one of the things we did was ride horses.
I participated in horse riding event (Gymkhana) in town and won quite a few races.
It was one of those things you do in the country.

I am currently working as an Education Assistant in Special Needs but wanted to do more. So I am studying Bachelor of Education through Curtin University to make a career pathway and to build a future for my family.

By Sofia Mullan
with my husband, Steve...
This is my family...
Thank you for viewing my visual autobiography...
I hope you enjoyed watching as much as I had fun making it!
Sofia Mullan
Who is...
Sofia Mullan?
I live in...
Perth, Western Australia
Rottnest Island
Margaret River
Loves traveling...
Born in 1975
Owns a dog named Jaxon...
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