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Easy AP Automation for Sage 300 Users with APSmart from CloudX

How simple, fast, and cost effective Accounts Payable Automation can be through a cloud based approach to AP Automation for Accpac/Sage 300 Users

Corey Ponder

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Easy AP Automation for Sage 300 Users with APSmart from CloudX

Automating Accounts Payable
for Sage 300/AccPac Users Paper, paper, paper Manual processing Invoice Routing No Visibility into AP Crazy slow Waiting on Approvals Date entry errors Late Payments Missed Discounts But Automation is only for the big ERPs...right? We get it...AP is complex...and
has lots of issues Like what?...lemme see... At CloudX we believe in... ...at least for Finance staff... And that's why we built APSmart
& of course And so we help you go from processing to processing So here's the master plan... We take this... 01010001 00100111
01100101 10100101 00101010 01001010 00010011 01010010 00101001 01011001 00001011 01010100 10001110 10100101 Convert it to this Getting to 100% Data Accuracy Through CloudX staff scrub-a-dubbing data on the fly...every time! And using our handy classificat-inator We can tell auto-magically if it's a:
PO Invoice
Non-PO Invoice
Credit Memo
Credit App
Tax Form
T&E Form
Love Letter
& more -psych Then we check in with this guy That's your fancy pants financial system (in this case Sage 300/AccPac) If it all this data lines up we advance the process:
Header Data
Vendor Data
PO Data
Line Item Data
Total If things don't match up then we send it off to the "Exception Que" Kinda like a fork in the invoice processing road... The vanilla invoices keep trucking straight-through the process... Approvers & GL Codes are assigned dynamically Invoices are auto-escalated & driven based on your business rules & workflows! You want to increase this number as much as you can! The Rookie The Performer The Bossman The Queen Bee Authorization Thresholds Hi, I'm new here... My shoes are worth more than your life grab the data we need checking the math as we go And all you need to use APSmart is a browser Which means less grumpy IT folks... & more happy CFO's ...which is nice! So here's how it looks in Sage You can see the APSmart Load Function is on the AP Transaction Desktop Run the Batch Loader to pull invoices in... And APSmart will release the invoice data pronto... When done you'll see this... & you can check 'em here... And then see the drill-down detail... without all the data entry hassle! Spend less time banging on keyboards, & more time optimizing business outcomes... Leave no $'s on the table by capturing more early payment discounts! Eliminate bottlenecks by knowing what's in your approver's queues at all times! Stop wasted spend by eliminating late payments! Drill down to invoice details anytime, anywhere! which will make your boss say Improve your visibility to invoice pipeline data and to your supporting documents! It's like X-Ray vision for your AP leaders Because we believe AP Automation should be: And could make you... or Thanks for checking this out!

To to learn more about APSmart and how we can help you improve your state of AP awesomeness sign up for a demo here: http://insight.cloudxdpo.com/register-for-an-apsmart-demo and whatever else you require So your staff can handle it lickety-split without costing you an arm and a leg... Click me!
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