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Polynomial Project

Adding, Subtracting, and multiplying Polynomials

ignacio miguel

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Polynomial Project

Polynomials Adding Polynomials Adding Polynomials is pretty simple to me, theres just a few steps to know about adding them though. To add polynomials, you need to find like terms in the two equations you're adding. When finding like terms, search for key things like variables and exponents. The coeffiecent does not matter because either way its going to change since your adding. Heres a example of adding polynomials.

Ex. Multiplying Polynomials Multiplying Polynomials is a whole different story so lets stroll away from the steps on adding and subtracting polynomials into a whole new world, the distributive property. To use the distributive property, you need to multiply the term next to the parenthesis into everything that's inside the parenthesis. After you did that you have to simplify the problem which means combining like terms. Remember like terms is the same variable and exponents. Dont forget to add the exponents!

Ex. subtracting polynomials Subtracting is as simple as adding polynomials, but just becareful when subtracting a negative. Subtracting polynomials has the same steps as adding polynomials, finding like terms and combining them to simplify the problem. The only thing about subtracting polynomials is watching the negatives for the terms, just remember subtracting a negative is equal to a positive. Here's another example on how to subtract polynomials.

Ex. Reflection My Strength in Polynomials is adding and subtracting polynomials. My weaknesses in polynomials is multiplying and combining like terms. I usually mess up in combining like terms because i tend to work fast and then i add something that's not suppose to be there. If i do that then it causes me to combine the wrong terms. I need to practice on working slower and focusing more so that way i dont combine wrong terms. In general Polynomials are easy. Real World Connections You may not know this but people use Polynomials almost everyday for their jobs. I know what your all thinking, that sucks because thats what i said. Roller Coaster designers use Polynomials to describe the curves of a roller coaster. Polynomials are also used economically, an example by that i mean predicting how the market will be in the future. Another way polynomials is used is in physics, people use it in physics to describe a projectiles projectory.
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