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Physical and Human Geography

No description

Ben Robinson

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of Physical and Human Geography

mountains flood plain cliffs valley prairie swamp Prairie Swamp mountains valley Flood Plain cliffs Physical and Human Geography Climate Resources Physical and Human Geography Climate Shelter Hunting Fire Bridge Recycling Farming Internet Must Have examples of... * land
* Resources
* Climate
* Vegetation oil
coal Warm and wet Factory
pollution Pull Factors Communities Vegetation River Tornado
humans effect the environment
environment effect humans
push and pull factors
movement -ideas, good, people Must have examples of... trees
wheat Step 1. Make your frame Step 2. Choose the "LAND", RESOURCES,
"CLIMATE" and "VEGETATION" Step 3. Start drawing the parts of Physical Geography Step 4. Label everything you drew inside your poster along the frame picture labels *No humans or man-made objects
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