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Math: A Graphing Conundrum

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Britnie Powell

on 23 January 2016

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Transcript of Math: A Graphing Conundrum

Graphing our Data!
Go back to the padlet we posted our data on: http://padlet.com/britniepowell/bubbledata
Story Telling Through Graphing
Go to the following link and read about the different types of graphs. https://blog.udemy.com/different-kinds-of-graphs/
Looking at the Math: A Graphing Conundrum
Story Telling Through Graphing
Every graph tells a story. All elements of a graph help determine what kind of story will be told... type of graph used, increments graph moves in, what numbers the graph begins with; they are all characters in our mathematical tale, determining the plot and conclusion.
Decide which type of graph you would like to use. Graph the whole class's data. If you make your graph electronically upload the file to the padlet below. If you make a graph by hand, take a picture of your graph and post it on the padlet below.
Still want more explanation on graphing, go to: https://nces.ed.gov/nceskids/pdf/graph_tutorial.pdf
The most common stories we need to tell have to do with comparing and distribution. The previous graphic organizer shows us: If we want a comparative narrative, we select a line graph or bar graph. If we want to show distribution of data we use a histogram, scatter chart, or box plot.
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