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Counselor Breakfast 2012

Updates to Financial Aid.

R Montano

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Counselor Breakfast 2012

Financial Aid & Scholarship
Updates for 2012-13
Updates to Financial Aid
1). Updates when filling out the FAFSA
Use the IRS Tax Data Retrieval Tool.
When the DRT cannot be used
- recently filed (at least 2wks)
- married filing separately
- filing an extension
- filing an amended tax return
- filing Head of Household
Thank you for listening.. Questions?
Updates to Financial Aid
Selective Verification for 2013-14
- Some or all items of Fafsa
may be requested for verification
Important Change for 2012-2013
Interest on student loans that are disbursed after July 1, 2012 will begin to accumulate during the Grace Period
ATB (Ability to Benefit changes)
- Those who do not possess a
HS Diploma or GED may not
qualify for financial aid.
Modular Courses
Courses that do not last the full semester can affect the amount of financial aid received.
MCC Scholarships

-Mesacc.edu for scholarships

-Maricopa Foundation Scholarships
Financial Aid
College Goal Sunday

-March 27th Southern/Dobson
-March 28th Red Mountain
*See the Campuses
*Get Fafsa Help & Resources
*Meet Academic Department Reps
*Campus Tours
*Group Advisement
-Household Size
-Number in College
-Food Stamps (SNAP Benefits)
-Child Support Paid
-High School Completion Status
-Income/Tax Data
-Identity/Statement of Education Purpose
MCC Location
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