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SharePoint Lesson #67: Visio OrgCharts and SharePoint 2013

Load Sharepoint data into Visio, create an Org Chart and display it in SharePoint 2013.

Peter Heffner

on 1 June 2016

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Transcript of SharePoint Lesson #67: Visio OrgCharts and SharePoint 2013

Visio OrgCharts and SharePoint 2013
Create a Contact list in SP2013
Create an OrgChart in Visio 2010
Link Data to Shapes
Save OrgChart as a "Web Drawing"
Add "Visio Web Access" Webpart to display the "Web Drawing" of the OrgChart.
What we do...
A Contact List
Create a standard Contact List...
Here we need two more fields...
Add 2 more fields...
[Reports_to_ID] for defining the hierarchy
[Department] as a choice list
Add Views
Now add views for each [Department].

Each View provides the data used in that specific OrgChart.
Visio OrgChart
Next we open Visio 2010 and create a new "Organisation Chart"
Link Data to Shapes
Now we need to connect the SharePoint Contact list as the Data Source:
Select the View
Select the List
Select the View
Prepare the OrgChart
In a first step we drag the Shapes from the left to the Visio page.
Connect Data to Shape
Now drag the data onto the desired shape
Each Shape is associated with a data record
Connected records are identified with a "link" symbol on the left
Chose a [Design] from the Ribbon Bar
Set the [Display Options]
More OrgCharts
For more OrgCharts create new pages.
Like before link the Data to Shapes, now selecting the "Management" View of our Contact List.
More OrgCharts
1) Now we see the
"Management" data
2) Place the shapes on
the page and define
the layout.
2) Drag the records
onto the desired
"Management" data
Save the OrgChart
1) Save the Visio file (.vsd) in a Document Library
2) Save also the Web Drawing (.vsw) in a
Document Library
This is what we show on the Webpart page!
Display the OrgChart
in a WebPart
Add the "Visio Web Access" Wepart to a WebPart page.
Set the WebPart
Select the "Visio Drawing" (.vdw) as the source for the Webpart.
Make additional settings as desired.
Display a single or multiple OrgCharts.
Here you can select the Visio page
How to update
Add the contact to the list.
Set the [Report to] and the [Department] field.
Update Visio
As you can see, the record is listed, but not linked.
Add a Shape
1) Add a Shape to the page

(Actually you drop it "on" the
shape of the "Service
Manager" to automatically
add the connector)

2) Drag the record onto
the Shape
Update the files
Next is to update the Web Drawing file (.vdw) in the Document Library.

More Tutorials
More tutorials can be found on my SharePoint site:
Please find here an overview of all available Presentations:
Here an example
for "Management"
The records are not yet updated!
Create a
Contact List

Create a
Visio OrgChart

the Data

Add the

How to
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