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Eco-System of MFI

Innovation and Startups in Open Networks

Devaki Jordan

on 22 February 2010

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Transcript of Eco-System of MFI

Envromental Condtions
Internet Standards The Stack Creative Commons HTML/The Web TCP/IP Ethernet Venture Capital Cost of Failure Lower cost of failure increases the number of things that can be tried. Political & Adminstrative "Small pieces loosely joined" - David Weinberger Agile Development Costs Waterfall Method Non-Internet Standards Inter-governmental
Standards Bodies X.25 Fax ISDN GSM Non-Governmental
Standards Organizations Standards Development Methods Marketing
Distribution Virality Markets Global Mobile Japan Rest Of The World Startup Ecology So What about Singapore? The Sharing Economy Enviromental Conditions
New state lending Laws, CRA Ecosystem of
Pride Uganda
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