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tsg draft

draft to test

Nate Robinson

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of tsg draft

. . Retention
The Coming Generation Gearing Graduates NASA STEM CAN Proposal UTEP, TAMU-C, MWSU * Greater retention OF students

* Greater retention BY students

* Better engineering graduates

* Better diversity of graduates Not students’ capabilities nor their potential for performing as an engineer that determines persistence - its learning experience.

A primary culprit in the attrition of students from engineering is students’ perception of a learning environment that is often unmotivating...

~ Creating a Culture for Scholarly and Systematic Innovation in Engineering Education (ASEE 2009) Focus of Proposal Improving Learning & Engagement: Increased Use of Laboratories Pre-Professional Training
- internships, industry based projects Project Based Courses Flipped . Preliminary Course Identification

- Mechanics of Materials

- Materials & Manufacturing

- Electro-mechanical Systems Management Plan & Schedule Evaluation & Dissemination Three-P Approach & Flipped Class . . Approach Convergent vs. Divergent Thinking Improved Retention Impact of Three-P Approach Results of Flipped Class . . . . . . No "I" in Team Identify Team . . . . . .
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