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slaves and plantation owners

No description

Gene Monahan

on 7 November 2016

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Transcript of slaves and plantation owners

slaves and slave Owners
Aiden Ladota
It is not good to be a slave. slaves are people that forced to work for a wealthy man against there will. slaves have iron hand cuffed and also they have a strong iron collar around there necks. Saves had to work in snow, sun, and rain.
slaves do not have as much food as slave owners. the owners allowed slaves a peck of corn, each, per week, throughout the year. That is an example of a slaves food.
Slave owners have much better clothing than slaves.2 pairs of the best soft doe skin gloves that are neat and strong.Also, a pair of soft shoes with polished steel buckle to fit the knee bands.
Slave owners have more foods to eat than slaves here are some examples: sausage, chocolate, boiled beef, fish, roast beef, boiled goose.
Slave owner
A slave owner is a wealthy man or woman that buys people to make them do work for them.It is easier to be a slave owner than a slave because slave owners make slaves do all there work for them.
Slave owners lived in big houses.
Slaves did not have nearly as nice clothes as slave owners. one pair of shoes, one pair of stocking, one hat, one jacket, two course shirts and two pairs of of trousers yearly. The clothes get dirty and get holes easily. That is
this is what a slave owners house looks like
This is what slaves eat
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