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Presentation for "Cloudy Day"

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Christina Ramirez

on 24 November 2015

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Transcript of Presentation for "Cloudy Day"

The subject of the story "Cloudy Day" by Jimmy Santiago Baca is to show how there can always be sunshine on a cloudy day. Meaning that no matter how bad things get it could possibly be worse, so we should always be optimistic! :) As shown in this excerpt from the story, " ...the wind in my face gave me the feeling I could grasp the tower like a cornstalk..." (Lines 15 & 16) This quote shows that even though he was in the prison he still felt powerful.
This story takes place in a prison (the speakers' experience in the prison). As shown in this quote, "...the prison..." (Line 29)
The audience is anyone who has lost hope and/ or has ever felt like they cannot do what they want to in life. Also it is for anyone who feels like they have crossed the line and cannot be forgiven/ given a second chance. As stated in this quote from the story, " ...how a man can endure,how a man can become so cruel... seen it everyday... still strong enough to love you...and feel good..." (Lines 39-43)
The purpose of the text is to encourage people that they should always love themselves, and that they have a second chance to right there wrongs.
The speaker of the text is Jimmy Santiago Baca. A guy in prison who wants to show people that life is whatever you make it. As shown in the introduction paragraph on the handout MS. DAVIS gave us :)
The tone of the poem is a very optimistic one. The words "grasp", "plays", "dream", love", and "good" show this tone.
"Cloudy Day" SOAPSTone Organizer
The theme of the passage is to show that know matter what you do in your life it does not define you; no matter what you do you should always love yourself.. As shown in this quote from the story, "...love myself and feel good..." (Line 43)
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