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Mini Lecture 3: Leibling's and the Taste for Urban Experience

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Anna Green

on 15 July 2016

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Transcript of Mini Lecture 3: Leibling's and the Taste for Urban Experience

Mini Lecture 3 Outline
Part 1: Who was AJ Liebling?
Part 2: While You're Reading
Part 3: Course Themes
Weekly Checklist
Part 2: While You're Reading
How do the ideas of food and art come together in Liebling's text?
Unlike many writers we'll read, Leibling spends very little time talking about the public/exterior spaces of Paris (like parks, monuments, city streets). How does this shape or change Liebling's memoir? What is the effect of this different focus?
When Liebling describes food and cuisine, is he actually just talking about these things or is there some deeper meaning behind these descriptions?
How is Liebling's text similar to but also different from Wharton's?
Part 3: Course Themes
The role of the physical city in shaping urban experience; Leibling limits his memoir to discussions of the semi-public spaces of the cafe.
Illuminates important cultural rituals embedded in the seemingly mundane practices of cooking, dining, and eating; uses food to illustrate cultural difference.
Weekly Checklist
Watch: Mini Lecture 3 (Hopefully you started or even finished this over the weekend.)
Finish A.J. Leibling's Between Meals before group meeting.
Group leaders ONLY: Post discussion agenda to Slack channel 24 hours before meeting time.
Group members: Read agenda and prepare for discussion
Hold hour-long, Slack discussion at appointed time.
Weekly writing prompt 3.
Group members: submit evaluations of your group leader.
Group leaders ONLY: submit self and peer evaluations.
Part 1: Who was AJ Liebling?
Born in NYC in 1904.
Studied French medieval literature at the Sorbonne-- an extremely well-known and prestigious Parisian University-- as a college student.
American journalist active between 1935 to his death in 1963; primarily associated with The New Yorker.
Best known for his work as a WWII correspondent but also wrote articles about "food, New York, boxing, scam artists, war, all things French, low-life culture, politicians."
Further reading: http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/press_box/2004/08/the_church_of_liebling.html
Mini Lecture 3: Liebling's Gastonomy
ENG 232, Week 3
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