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Ruth May

No description

Jonah Owens

on 26 August 2013

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Transcript of Ruth May

Ruth May
Character Analysis of
Ruth May
Pg. 21 "You're only supposed to hate the devil and love everyone else...My name is Ruth May, and I hate the devil."
Ruth May Evolves
Static in her beliefs
Physically changes in two ways
The Catalyst for Change
tension between Tata Kuvudundu and Nathan Price
Ruth May Reacts
Looked at the bright side
Taught the kids "Mother May I"
It is what it is
Move Forward
Rose above everything
A Theme for Ruth May
The Price Family, Nathan, The Congo, and Mobutu
The Price Family (including Ruth May) and the Congo
Nathan Price and Mobutu
pg. 543 "Mother, you can still hold on but forgive, forgive and give for long as long as we both shall live...I forgive you, Mother."
pg. 367 "A foot had marked that floor...Not the belly slither of angry snakes coming up from the sheltered ground of their own accord to punish us. Only a man...who brought the snake in a basket or carried it stunned or charmed like a gift in its own two hands. Only one single dancer with six toes on his left foot."
pg. 538 "Listen: being dead is not worse than being alive. It is different, though. You could say the view is larger.
pg. 537 "The glide of belly on branch. The mouth thrown open wide, sky blue. I am all that is here. They eyes in the trees never blink. You plead with me your daughter sister sister, for release, but I am no little beast and have no reason to judge. No teeth and no reason. If you feel a gnawing at your bones that is only yourself, hungry."
pg. 543 "Listen. Slide the weight from your shoulders and move forward. You are afraid you will forget but you never will. You will forgive and remember...move on. Walk forward into the light."
Nathan and Mobutu
pg. 73 "One of his Socratic moods...designed to show us all up as dull-witted, bovine females. He always ended these interrogations with a exasperated, loud... conversation with God concerning our hopelessness."
"Mobutu has been called one of the worlds wealthiest heads of state, a brutal dictator...his style, at once bold and vainglorious, was for an entire generation, the very model of an African Autocrat." (French)
Late 1950's: served as Lumumba's Chief of Staff.
1960: Began assent to power.
1961: Believed to have helped organize the execution of Lumumba with help from CIA.
1961-1965: Marshal of Army under Joseph Kasa Kubu
1965: Seized powe through a coup and almost immediately established unchallenged one-man rule that lasted until 1997.
Nathan and Mobutu
pg. 486 "'So there was a really horrible accident on the river...father got the blame for it. Pretty much hung without a trial.' 'Oh, Jesus...actually hung?' 'No' Leah said... 'Not hung. Burned.'"
"He [Mobutu] left power in disgrace, beaten by illness, abandoned by his allies and driven out of the Congo by an armed rebellion. (Fowale)
Mobutu's inability to adjust to changing times after the cold war made him unable to withstand the opposition he had helped to create.
Abandoned by allies, fled the Congo in 1997, and died in Morocco later that same year.
Buried far from the land where he had reigned for 32 years.
Bibliography on Mobutu Information
French, Howard W. "Anatomy of an Autocracy: Mobutu's 32-Year Reign." Anatomy of an Autocracy: Mobutu's 32-Year Reign. N.p., n.d. Web. 20 Aug. 2013

Fowale. "The Rise and Fall of Mobutu Sese Seko." Suite101. N.p., n.d. Web. 20 Aug. 2013.

The Price Family (including Ruth May) and the Congo
pg. 8 "...Hell hath no furry like a baptist preacher. I married a man that could never love me, probably. It would have trespassed on his devotion to all mankind."
pg. 13 "She wouldn't go against him, of course. But once she understood there was no turning back, our mother went to laying out...all the worldly things she thought we would need in the Congo to scrape by."
pg. 215 "He went away on the airplane and I said, 'Mama, I hope he never comes back.' We cried then."
"'We had to recite one party, one country, one father, Mobutu, Mobutu,' said Batodisa, who is now a high school principal at a private school in Kinshasa. 'It was ridiculous. You knew it but you could not do anything about it. Not to sing and dance was to commit suicide. You just went along with it.'"(French)
Ruth May and the Mamba Snake
pg. 273 "If I die I will disappear, and I know where I'll come back. I'll be right up there in the tree, same color, same everything. I will look down on you. But you won't see me."
Details about which Ruth May Tends to Focus
Ruth May's theology concerning the Africans:
pg. 20 "God says the Africans are the Tribes of Ham...Noah cursed all Ham's children to be slaves forever, that's how come them turn out to be dark."
pg. 50 "They're hungry as can be...and still God makes them to look fat. I reckon that's what they get for being the Tribes of Ham."
Unique Diction and Syntax
Ruth May writes in a childlike way
pg. 20 "... God made a big flood and drowneded out all the sinners."
pg. 50 "I only got to bring me two toys: pipe cleaners and a monkey sock monkey."
Theme Statement: Innocence transcends convention
Unique diction and syntax: childlike speech
Details about which Ruth May tends to focus: theology of Africans
Personification: Mamba snake
Ruth May Evolves
Ruth May Reacts
A Theme for Ruth May
The Price Family, Nathan, the Congo, and Mobutu
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