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Teacher Slaps An Inappropriate

No description

Stanley Cup

on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of Teacher Slaps An Inappropriate

The School He Worked In
Brendan Stanless
"We expect our employees to respect everybody, we expect Mr. Ogloff to treat everybody here with respect."
A Special Clip
In my opinion what Daniel Ogloff did was extremely inappropriate. Although I think that it is okay for teachers and students to have the kind of relationship he had with the students by pranking one another, this time he went too far. First of I think that his "prank" wasn't even a prank! What he did was flat out mean. It is the type of things that bullies do in my opinion and is very offensive to all homosexuals. Also, since he allowed students to take pictures he made it much worse. What he did offended the student, all homosexuals, and was definitely inappropriate. So due to all of those things along with basically saying that there is something wrong with being gay, I'm 100% against Daniel's "prank" and his views on homosexuality.
I think what Daniel Ogloff did was unacceptable! He bullied a student! I think a teacher should show equity and be respectful, but he picked on a student! He thought that it was alright to put an insulting, homophobic sticker; by force, on a student's back. He didn't ask for permission to do so. Not only that, but he's been warned before by making an inappropriate comment to a class of Gr.7's. I get that he's trying to joke around and be a fun teacher; that's great, but he overdid it; he crossed the line, and turned it into something that wasn't funny at all. I can't believe a TEACHER did this! Despite all of the conversations programs of Gay, lesbian etc. he still thought it was acceptable to do this. I believe a teacher should be enforcing these rules, not breaking them! Overall, I think it is inappropriate for anyone to do this, especially a teacher.I find this unacceptable. That is my opinion.
Here's a clip about the sticky sticker situation, explained:
Thursday, September 25, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
The Sticky Situation
Teacher Slaps An Inappropriate Sticker on student's back
How it Affects Us
This shows a good example of bullying, homophobia, invasion and carelessness. First off, this is a good example of the difference of laughing with someone and laughing at someone. Laughing with some one makes no one feel bad, so the joke is funny in general. Laughing at someone makes someone feel bad, it is "funny" through insulting and making fun of someone. The laughs are mocking the victim. Not only that, the thing he did was extremely offensive and homophobic. He made it sound like being homosexual is a bad thing, since the sticker said "I'm gay, LOL!" So that is extremely offensive. And Mr.Ogloff invaded the victim's personal space. The student didn't ask him to slap a sticker on his/her back. This also shows why we should be careful with our actions, for we may offend someone without knowing it. For example, Mr.Ogloff tried to be funny, but he didn't think before he did it, and guess what? He did something very inappropriate and insulting and he faced the consequences. We have to think before we do, else we may do something like that.Overall, be careful with what you do, for one bad move can change everything.
Teacher,Mr.Ogloff; Daniel Mark Ogloff, slaps 'I'm Gay" sticker on student in a school in British Columbia. People were laughing at him and taking photos. The Student took offense and reported the incident. Mr.Ogloff got suspended for 10 weeks, his teaching certification got suspended for the first 2 weeks. He now works at a school in Southern Alberta. LGBT advocates were especially mad at Daniel's so called "prank" for it implied that there was something wrong with being a homosexual. On of the advocates (Dara Parker) was appalled and considered his "prank" to be unacceptable.

The Authors' Opinions
The Mediocre Times
I'm Gay
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