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English - KS2 - Writing a Fireworks Poem

KS2 Poetry Poems English Literacy Education

Gavin Brock

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of English - KS2 - Writing a Fireworks Poem

Fireworks Poetry writing Types of firework: Catherine Wheel Sparkler Rocket Roman Candle Onomatopoeia: Sizzle Shriek Blast Fizz Howl Simile: As colourful as ______________. As bright as _________. As loud as __________. As fast as
__________. Ka-Boom Zoom Whoosh Whizz Screech Hiss Bang Whistle Roar Pop Zip As high as ____________. As hot as _____________. Explodes like _______________. Bursts like ______________. Soars like ________________. Glows like ______________. Falls like ______________. Shines like ________________. Flies like _______________. Burns like ___________. Flashes like ____________. Sparkles like _________. Example: Hissing like snakes,
as bright as the sun, A downpour of sparks
Falls through the night sky like a waterfall. A flash of white lightning,
the tail of a rocket Tears through the Earth’s atmosphere
Like a comet. Sparklers spray splinters of sizzling stars, Children’s names written in air disappear. Rockets rush overhead, howling and shrieking, Then burst like a bubble in billowing blackness. Gasping and cheering, beneath the hot glow Are faces of families watching below. Success Criteria: Simile Onomatopoeia Alliteration At least one use of: Adjectives Remember: It doesn't have to rhyme! Good luck! English - KS2 Learning objectives: We will learn some useful vocabulary for writing our Firework poems.
We will read an example of a good Firework poem.
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