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How did Greek Mythology affect the Lives of Ancient Greece?

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Melanie Higgins

on 4 April 2011

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Transcript of How did Greek Mythology affect the Lives of Ancient Greece?

Main Gods and Godesses
Zeus-god of the sky and the king of Olympus
Hera-goddess of marriage and the queen of Olympus
Poseidon-god of the sea
Hades-king of the dead
Aphrodite-the goddess of love and beauty
Ares-the god of war.
Apollo-the god of music and healing.

Artemis-the goddess of the hunt
Athena-the goddess of wisdom
Hephaestus-the god of fire and the forge
Hestia-the goddess of the hearth
Demeter-the goddess of the harvest
Hermes-the messenger god
The Three Main Gods Zeus was king of the gods.
Poseidon was god of the sea.
Hades ruled the underworld What is Greek Mythology? mythology-stories told to explain the world
natural events explained by stories about gods and goddesses Mythology is a body of stories told to explain the world and its mysteries.
Myths explained natural events using myths about gods, goddesses, and heroes.
Worshiping Greek Gods The Greeks put statues of the gods inside temples.
People went to a temple to pray for help.
To please the gods, people brought items as sacrifices.
Gods and Their Temper Zeus threw thunderbolts when he was unhappy.
Poseidon caused earthquakes when he was in a temper.
Greek Mythology Most Important Gods Zeus-king of the gods
Poseidon-god of the sea
Hades-ruled the underworld Main Gods and Goddesses Zeus-sky
Aphrodite-love and beauty
Apollo-music and healing Artemis-hunt
Hephaestus-fire and the forge
Hermes-messenger How did Greek mythology affect the lives of ancient Greeks? Melanie Higgins
Gods and Their Temper Zeus threw thunderbolts
Poseidon caused earthquakes Worshiping the Greek Gods Greeks put statues of the gods in temples
went to a temple to pray for help
brought sacrifices to offer to the gods Main Gods and Goddesses
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