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UDL in the World Language Classroom

Presented at the 2012 IFLTA Conference

Elizabeth Bays

on 3 November 2012

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Transcript of UDL in the World Language Classroom

Using UDL to Increase Student
Connection to World Languages
Learn and discuss the basic principles of UDL

Why UDL? A look into the impetus for this presentation

Begin to develop an understanding of how UDL can help us connect our World Language curriculum TO the student(s) "Foreign Languages are part of the core
and yet we find that we often have to
justify the need for languages to others..." Last Question: The Old Way The UDL Way Laura Terrill
2011 IFLTA Conference Keynote speaker So many of our world language students say "I had 2 years of (insert language)
and I don't remember a thing" paraphrased from the keynote address Taken from the workshop explanation Our Goals for Today: A) provides flexibility in the ways information is presented, in the ways students respond or demonstrate knowledge and skills, and in the ways students are engaged; and
B) reduces barriers in instruction, provides appropriate accommodations, supports, and challenges, and maintains high achievement expectations for all students, including students with disabilities and students who are limited English proficient. Higher Education Opportunity Act
(HEOA; Public Law 110-315, August 14, 2008) HOW? UDL UDL UDL AP Themes http://www.bcsc.k12.in.us/cms/lib/IN01000842/Centricity/Domain/41/UDL%20in%205%20Minutes.wmv UDL in 5 Minutes Telling time review- Time zone activity
Sensei’s sample essay (listening comprehension)
Japanese student sample (listen and follow along with written essay)
Chapter 7 of AIJ 1
Erin no Chosen Video
Dictionaries, jisho.org, native speakers, me
Review worksheets from first two weeks
Bellwork sentences
Sensei’s strange alphabet soup guide to Japanese grammar
Previous student samples (videos, books, diagrams, etc.)
Mini quizzes on time and transportation
Review activities and games on basic sentence structure and patterns and previously learned vocabulary How will I help you be successful?
(Representation) Rubric Share your "typical" daily schedule in Japanese including weekday and weekend plans, things you do in the morning, at noon, and in the evening, at home and at school. Assessment Project Grade: 60 points Due: _______
Use rubric provided
Project Planning Sheet: 40 points Due: _______
This sheet explains what form your presentation will be in while also addressing how you will accomplish it by the due date. You will need to plan out daily goals so you can complete the project on time. (more on this later)
  Language Goals
Can utilize the sentence patterns and writing systems learned in Japanese 1
Can express when he/she performs “everyday” tasks
Can express HOW she/he goes/comes/returns places

Essential Question
What would a Japanese high school student coming to America need to know about the typical schedule of an American teenager? Project Goals Project Description

Image you are meeting a native speaker of Japanese who knows very little about American culture. Share with him/her your daily schedule in your choice of format and think about how it would be different from your new Japanese friend’s schedule. My Everyday   Rubric, Continued Presentation Options and Components (20 points)
Essay/Pamphlet Podcast/Speech Video/Animation PPT/Poster/Glogster
(10) 3-5 Illustrations Quality of Recording Quality of Recording 5-10 Illustrations
(10) Use of Kanji Delivery Visual Component Use of Kanji

If you combine elements of one medium with another medium ask Sensei how you will be evaluated. EX: a PowerPoint with pictures (no text) combined with a speech OR A video with live narration Project Planning Sheet Empower your learner! Resources http://www.bcsc.k12.in.us/Page/341 AP Themes:
Contemporary Life
Families and Communities What examples from the UDL Guidelines have I used within this presentation to help you understand and possibly begin to incorporate the framework of UDL into your classroom? Did we meet our three goals? For all your UDL/CAST questions visit: Presenter: Elizabeth Bays Japanese and ESL Teacher
Columbus North High School, Columbus, IN bayse@bcsc.k12.in.us http://animoto.com/play/sD4hOWQTngRSvjsewI0W1Q Why UDL? Here's an attempt to visualize the thought processes that motivated me to present (UDL is) a scientifically valid framework for guiding educational practice that - Before we go on...why UDL? We have control over your classroom environment.
When we plan for everyone and anyone entering our classrooms, we will spend less time with remediation and reteaching. We develop a student-centered classroom. Will we shovel the steps or the ramp? (40 points) Questions to Consider:
What time do you wake up/ go to sleep?
How does your schedule differ from weekdays and weekends?
How do you get to and from school or any after school activities?
When and where do you eat your meals?
When do you come to school?
When do you return home?
When and where do you study? In Closing... Please share this with a neighbor!
Then write it down to take with you

The key idea/concept I will remember from this presentation is_________________________
When I return to my classroom I definitely will try____________________________ Your turn! Using the UDL Planning sheet provided, get in a group of your choosing and create one or two learning goals and one or two essential questions that could be addressed in a project for students to complete. Please be willing to share your group's project idea, its goals and essential questions with the larger group. (You may want to appoint a scribe in your group to assist you with this) Awesome UDL Site for Practical Classroom Use http://udl4all.pbworks.com/w/page/7372174/CONTENTS Download documents included in this presentation from: http://www.bcsc.k12.in.us/Page/11217 View a sample UDL-designed lesson plan
Discuss what UDL-friendly activities are already going on in your classroom
Create a project utilizing UDL guidelines
Resources and links to CAST and other UDL-friendly sites
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