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Goldman Sachs

No description

Jean-Charles de La Roche-Derrien

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Goldman Sachs

Human Resources Management Goldman Sachs 1.Why was Goldman Sachs so successful during the 1990s? Culture 2.Why is Goldman Sachs considering a more systematic approach to developing leaders? 3.What should the Leadership Development Advisory Committee include as key design features of Goldman's new leadership development program? To use the feedbacks Commitment Reputation Human
Capital Industry developments Booming LBO market
New range of opportunities
Internet bubble Vertical communication
Culture easy to identify
Example : all the discuss about their ow They try to recruit the best people
People came from everywhere (not only american)
They all have different background but they all are trained the same way A lot of alumni proud of the bank
Alumni who are very powerful
Strong client network
People want to work at Goldman Sachs (the best) Succes are collective
Failures are individuals
Creation of MD "We learned you can't run Japan from New York. God knows we tried. But when you're the U.S. Army, you realize that when your division commander is 12,000 miles from the Pentagon, you've got to let him makes the decisions. That was a hard lesson to learn" Increasing number of employees
+10,000 in ten years New markets New need in term of management Good bankers need to be trained in order to become good managers Need for a systematic method Need of a new step in the hierarchy Need for formation adapted to bankers,
a formation that insist on culture. Development of a more systematic method to the formation of leaders They move to 360 but is this really hepful ? To form better orators Orators should be able to captivate the attendees To reward the individuals A little bit of personal rewarding may be a good thing
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