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Harshdeep Pelia 511

No description

Mrs. Fornataro

on 30 November 2016

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Transcript of Harshdeep Pelia 511

Article 1
You are born free and equal in rights to every another human being. You have the ability to think and to tell right
from wrong. You should treat others with friendship. This right is important because people would not be treated fair. People would tease other humans no one would like that. There would be wars or even worse
world war III. If someone said something mean to you it would hurt your feelings. This human right prevents from humans hurting each other.

Article 17
This means that everybody has the right to keep their own belongings. Nobody can take your belongings away from
You. Unless they have a good reason to. This effects everyday life because it lets you keep your own belongings. If this was not a right anyone could take your belongings. So this is a very important right. So follow this right.

Harshdeep Pelia 511
Right to equality
You have the right to own things.

Nobody has the right to take these things from
you without a good reasons.

Rights are important to everyone
everyone should follow rights because it saves lives from getting hurt. Also rights let you roam around freely. They keep you away from slavery and wars. This is why you should follow rights
My article is important because it tells you about the human rights. For example, article #26 is about having education. Some people don't follow these rights. But i think this article will stop people from doing wrong stuff
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