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phukjira promsombut

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of Copy of COMPUTER IN THE MERKET

Phukjira Promsombut
NO 18
Phuket Vocational College
Internet Marketing
means that the activity of the market by using the Internet as a Backbone and electronic media, combined with the way the market activities of the market. to a customer or target groups to achieve our aim of the organization is on the details of the marketing E - Marketing
Internet Marketing
Electronic Marketing
The Electronic Market means the activity of the market by using electronic tools such as computer as a tool to conduct marketing activities to target is an event that is a communication, and 2. The market is an event that can be contact with consumers worldwide, and at any time.
Special characteristics of electronic commerce
Market is a market specific (Niche Market) customers, the web site is intended to buy goods that he wanted to be like those who want to buy shoes, which will see the Web sales shoes

It is the behavior of the market can be divided into (Behavioral Segmentation), a group of interested customers consider value to customers, products, or services and lifestyle of the client, which is what these factors define customer behavior.

3. As the market-to- (Personalize Marketing/P - Marketing), customers can set the format of the products and services that are in accordance with the needs of their own may be different than the other

4. Customers are spread worldwide as the Internet can be accessed throughout the world, the market vastness
Electronic Marketing
Advertising on electronic media such as the advertisement on the web is well known (Banner Advertising), the exchange links with other web search registration in the system (in Registration Search Engine), the web-based Central Market (Promotion Shopping Mall or by e-Marketplace).
Online Marketing
It is a guide that has been very strong in this period, the Company is a group company advertising agency established the corporation, consider creating a new one of the most innovative marketing approach is that it is divided into 2 is
. The market is Offline Marketing marketing communications tool by a group, the Above line and the line Activities Below group activities, i.e. advertising, marketing and sales are not visible on the Internet. It was held to be.

The market is the market-Online Marketing team activities on Cyber-system or the Internet is not all that it is a purchase, sale, advertising or marketing plan for current learners through the Internet will be a very important and can reduce the cost, which has been very details are as follows:
Online Marketing
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