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Career Shadowing

No description

Meleea Whittington

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing

Department of Health Children's Medical Services Ginger Futch
Purpose "Childrens Medical Services provides care for children
with special health care needs and their families.
Strives to protect the health and safety of Florida's
youngest citizens, our children". 15 Years Department of Health Children's Medical Services
will be in the same place doing the same thing
they do now. The technology may advance but their
purpose and what they do, will stay the same. Employability Skills * Follow Instructions
* Dress Appropiately
* Be on Time
* Do all assigned/required work $$$$
Education Technology Skills Pursuing a Career
No. I would not pursue a career with this
company. Im not really into the whole
medical field. I like action things like the
Army, Police, Firefighter, ect. better. Like Being able to go into work when I want Dislike All the work needed to be done. Majority
of it is paperwork both typed and written. $38,000 per year
$20 an hour * Computer
* Manuals and Codes are online
* Email
* Notes for different appointments
* Calender for other RN's
* However, still old fashioned in many other things
* Prescriptions are still hand written *Know how to work a computer
* Typing doesn't have to be the best
* Conversions to Kg and to In. and Cm. * High School Diploma
* 2 years to be RN (Associate in Science) Min.
* Whatever feild your in has different educational requirements.
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