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If A Cell Were An Amusement Park

Comparison of Cell to Amusement Park

Arjun Aggarwal

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of If A Cell Were An Amusement Park

How A Cell Compares
To An Amusement Park Nucleus Mitochondria Vacuoles Cell Membrane Golgi Apparatus Cytoskeleton Ribosomes Lysosomes Chromosomes Endoplasmic Reticulum The nucleus controls the operations of a cell, much like the main office of an amusement park. Also, the nucleus of a cell
is hard to see by a microscope, similar to how the office is behind the scenes. The cell membrane is similar to the entrance of the park because only those with permission can cross through into the main cell. The mitochondria would be like the rides in the park because mitochondria produce energy for your body, and that is the exact purpose of the rides in an amusement park. The vacuoles would be the street vendors or resteraunts because they store the food and drinks like the vacuole is like a vacuum in the way it stores food and water In a cell the golgi apparatus package the cells and store them, much like the wait in a line for a ride because of the transfer from one place to another together. The cytoskeleton compares to the workers in the park because they help maintain the park and they move people to where they want like the cytoskeleton moves organelles around. The lysosomes are the trash bins in the park, but the workers can also be lysosomes for the people who don't know what a trash bin is. Chromosomes are like the information storage of the cell, which can compare to the bilboards and signs located throughout an amusement park. Cytoplasm The various transportation systems in an amusement park are related to the transfer systems that are ER. Transportation systems could include bus, monorail, or cable car. The cytoplasm is like the walkways of the park that seperate the rides from each other, similar to the way cytoplasm spreads the organelles out. Since ribosomes make proteins, and proteins produce energy(mitochondria) which means the ribosomes would be like the power sources for a roller coaster.
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