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Literature Circles

No description

Courtney Kruger

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of Literature Circles

Literature Circles What are
they? Vocabulary Enricher Character Analyzer I <3 Reading Discussion Director *Think of questions for the group to discuss. (at least 5)
*Makes sure everyone gets their chance to answer questions and share their role information. *Write about the characters!!!
*Write what the characters are like, and then
give examples to show how you know.
*Compare them to people you know from life or other books. What are the roles
for Literature Circles??? Ask questions that promote thinking... Thick Questions... Thin Questions... Why did the character decide to ...? How would you feel if you
went though the
experiences the
character went through? Why is the setting
of the story
important? What caused the character to lose in the end? --> ABOVE the surface.
--> Easy to answer.
--> Give the facts to
the plot of the story. Who are the characters? Where did the story take place? Who is the protagonist? When does the character arrive at
the house? -->Requires you to think BENEATH the surface. --> Open to argument. --> Take more time to answer. --> Use the text to support your answer. *Find new words in the story and tell what they MEAN based on the CONTEXT of the story.
(At least 8 words.)
*Choose new, interesting, descriptive, or confusing words.
*Write the page & paragraph you
found it and the reason you picked
the word. Summarizer/
Story Mapper Illustrator/ Predictor Literary
Luminary *Re-tell the story in your own words.
*Can also add in your interpretations of the reading. *Choose any type of graphic organizer to explain the passage your read. *Highlight passages (at least 2) that
demonstrate/ model a literary element/tool.
ex. metaphor, simile, onomatopoeia, personification, idiom, imagery, etc. *Find a passage that is interesting to you because it reminds you of something from your life or a book you have read. *Illustrate a scene from your reading.
*This can be a drawing, collage, comic strip, or animation. Book discussion groups where each member has a role. What do Literature circles look like? *Predict what will
happen in the future...
was there foreshadowing?
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