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Negotiating and Completing a Deal

Everything you need to know about Negotiating and Completing a deal

lisa Irwin

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Negotiating and Completing a Deal

Negotiating and Completing a Deal What to do about Price! Do your Research:
This means understanding the original price that your dealer purchased the car for, also known as the invoice price.

You can start from home! Try an email quote to find out important information on the car such as repairs, invoice price, etc.

Get roughly three or four quotes before approaching the dealer to negotiate

What Next:

The car will have a sticker price, when negotiating, go up from the invoice price rather thatn down from the sticker price.

Only negotiate price, dont disclose unnessecary information such as wether you are leasing or buying the car

Dont worry about any rebates, these will come directly to you and not affect the dealers profit.

Discussing Trade-Ins Some Extra Tips Ask about the incentive! or else, the dealer may not inform you of it so make sure to ask if It is there
Appear knowledgable, you may be less likely to be cheated out of anything this way (Clearly it is better to BE
Don't share other quotes with other dealers, this will make you a[[ear unprofessional
It is okay to negotiate over the phone but potentially more effective if you physically go to the dealership
Repetition, always repeat your offer. But make sure you have evidence as to why you believe you deserve this price
Remain confidnet and make sure it is the right vehicle for you.
Lastly, know your rights! Rights such as the Lemon Laws. Lemon laws help protect buyers from severally defected cars.
When an old car is traded in for another car, this is called a trade in. A trade in works like this, Old cars are given to the dealer, and the value of that old car is applied to the car you plan to purchase. Then, the left over balance on the car will have to be payed. DO NOT BE FOOLED- make sure your understand the value of your car that you plan to trade in. Do not expect this exact price but make sure to expect something within the range. Be smart, be careful, BE A GOOD CONSUMER!!
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