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1990's Fashion

historic clothes and culture from the 1990's

Amanda Muller

on 24 November 2012

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Transcript of 1990's Fashion

1990's - 2000's Political Culture: The Soviet union fell apart, political upheaval, long -established leaders were thrown, old leaders disappeared, new alliances forged, and new technology was developing. Fashion Influences: People started dressing casually, so you could not tell who was rich and who was poor, after the soviet union fell apart. Social Fashion Influences: Music was a main fashion influence in the 90's. Fans started to dress like the artist they listened to. The styles include grunge, hip-hop, alternative and boy bands. Economic Fashion Influences: Many people decided to save money, by dressing down, and not spending a lot of money on clothes. They were too lazy or too cool for fashion. Fashion Groups Preppy Leggings and coloured tights
Drainpipe jeans
Tartan Skirts
Leotards as tops worn with jeans
Baby doll dresses paired with black opaque tights were worn with slouch socks and sneakers
With these clothing trends women stood out more, and dressed up and down as they pleased. Hippie Floral dresses and skirts
Turtle necks
Lace blouses
Gypsy tops
Denim shortalls
The role these clothes has defined hippies because they brought back trends that were seen in previous time periods. Pastels Pink and baby blue colours
Crop tops
Have played a role to define a new clothing style for women which was known as pastels. Grunge Flannel that was padded and loose fitting
Acid wash denim jackets
Wool sweaters
Leather jackets
Doc Martens boots
Aviator sunglasses
Dark colours -> maroon, forest green, indigo, brown, black.
All these clothes have defined this fashion style because many people started to dress this way. Hip Hop Wide leg jeans, khakis
Bomber jackets, track suits
Baseball/snapbacks worn backwards
Gold chains
These clothes defined people because of the music they were listening to. 1990's Current Fashion Still spotted today are:
Pastels (Coming back in 2012-2013)
Yoga Pants
Polo shirts
Navy blue blazers and boat shoes All these clothing trends have influenced today's fashion by bringing back popular styles that were from the 1990's. FLANNEL Flannel used to be made from carded wool or worsted yarn. Now it is often made from wool, cotton or synthetic fibre. Flannel was popularized in the 1990's by grunge bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam. Lumberjacks wore flannel as well when handling heavy machinery. By the mid 90's skaters started to wear flannel because it was easy to wear on their boards. In the 2000's flannel was brought back, by rap artist. Designers, like Vivienne Westwood, found inspiration from flannel. Now, flannel is still really popular and is worn by many people. This is the movie trailer for "Clueless" which came out in 1995. In the trailer you can see the trends from the 90's. Many plaid/flannel pieces were worn, as well as tartan skirts. There were some grunge outfits as well as preppy outfits. This is an example of a pastel outfit from the 1990's. Many women would were clothing that was a baby pink colour. This is an example of a 1990's floral dress that was commonly worn. The dresses were often short and twirly and nipped at the waist. This is an example of grunge fashion. Loose fitting flannel, Doc Martens and wool sweaters are shown in this picture. This was a very popular style from the 1990's. In the late 90's hip hop fashion was trending, so baseball/snapbacks were worn backwards, as well as wearing gold chains. Work Cited:
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