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Krygyzstan is unlike any other country in the world because.....

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Veronique Robins

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of Krygyzstan is unlike any other country in the world because.....

Kyrgyzstan is a landlocked republic,which used to be an Asian soviet, but declared it's independence in 1991, following the collaspe of the Soviet Union shortly after.Kyrgyzstan is very small region,in fact it is slightly smaller than South Dakota.
Over 94% of Kyrgyzstan is covered in mountains.But the largest mountain in Kyrgyzstan is Tien Shan,which goes on for 1,500 miles through Kyrgyzstan all the way into China ,and just barely goes into Turkestan.The parts in Kyrgyzstan without mountains are either forests or deserts.
I predict that in the next century Kyrgyzstan's tradtion's will change at a small rate, due to the fact that their very strict about there laws/tradtions.But there population will increase greatly because,of the fact that thier fertility rate is very high and, their are more people moving out of thier country then, people moving in.

Kyrgyzstan is in Central Asia and is, east of China,south of Tajikistan,and west of Uzbekistan.In Kyrgyzstan there are a total of 2043 rivers that are within 10 km of Kyrgyzstan. But one of the largest rivers in Kyrgyzstan is the Issyk Kul river which,is the second largest lake in the world.
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