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Meagan Cihak for Social Chair

AKPsi Social Chair

Meagan Cihak

on 18 November 2012

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Transcript of Meagan Cihak for Social Chair

for Things That Are Different? Qualifications Planned Socials? The American Heart Association
Logistics Heart Walk Intern
* Plan logistical aspects of American Heart Walk fundraising event
*Assist directors with meetings and special projects
*Acquire in-kind donations and prizes (over $3,000.oo)
*Creat Signage and banners for events
*Manage and lead volunteer teams
*Create monthly newsletters and event promotional materials
*Assist with all events details for the Heart Walk AKPsi Social Chair Spring 2013 Meagan Cihak Sawgrass Lanes
Party and Corporate Host and Sales Representative
*Served as Front Desk Assistant responsible for sales and customer inquiries
*Recommended event packages and assisted customers with planning and booking of events
*Hosted numerous corporate events with over 200 guests
*Hosted birthday parties from ages 3-18
*Food Server
*Bar Waitress
*Managed Bowling League Membership Information Pirate Theme Volunteered Events *Go Red for Women Gala
*UCF Exclusive After Hour Shopping Event
*Central Florida Bridal Association Show
*NACE Grand Tour Gala
*Wish Upon A Wedding, Volunteer Hospitality Major The Big Events Committees The committees that I would plan to work with. Historian
Photography Fundraising
Relay for Life
Supporting Events Community Service
Supporting Events
A project intertwined with formal Formal T-Shirts
Themed t-shirts Giving Back
Small charity event during formal.
Animal Shelter
Military Cards (other than formal)
1 every month Medium Events Small Events 2 every month Lake Clare Party

Brotherhood Retreat

Groupon Outing 3 every month Restaurant Outings

Movie Nights

Cheap Outings (bowling) Costume Contest (bunnies theme for Easter)

Event for fundraiser, community service and more for AKPsi

Pinterest Event

Video Game Contest Risk Management
Food Poisoning Kelly Park Brotherhood Retreat Western Theme Each event will be tied in with the formal theme Clear water springs that turn into a lazy river or Jetty Park A safe campground on the beach Less Weekly Socials
Allows brothers to hang out more
Pledges interact with brothers
Chair focus on better events Spring 2013 Formal Themes
Western Location
Clearwater Beach
Shepard's Beach Resort Special Social Chair Award Food
Will be themed to the formal
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