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Two Words

About a girl, Belisa Crepusculario , that goes around different towns selling words.

Katherine Hanley

on 11 April 2012

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Transcript of Two Words

Two Words Isabel Allende Llona
Chilean author born on August 2nd.
Grandmother introduced her to the idea of fortune telling and astrology .
Father president of Chile 1970-1973
Grandfather sent her a sentence that stayed with her forever, changing her life. Introduction

Belisa Crepusculario “made her living selling words”.
People relied on her and waited for her from year to year to hear her stories.
She “carried the news from one town to another” and sold stories, love letters, verses, and even insults. The power of word
Words can be very powerful
depending on how you use them. Something that brought them to love each other and kept Belisa Crepusculario on the Colonels mind almost driving him crazy.
Belisa Crepusculario
Te Amo What Were the Two Words? Conflict
Belisa has been kid napped by the most feared
man in town, the Colonel.
She is then asked to write a speech for the
Colonel to present to the people for them to vote for him to be president. Final Questions
What do you think the two words were?
Do you agree that words are very powerful and can effect someone as easily as they did "The Colonel"? Or do you believe in the old "sticks and stone will break your bones but words will never hurt you" saying?
Would you have changed a homeless man's sign if you could to help him, as the woman in the video did?

Belisa Crepusculario – The protagonist

The Colonel – A dynamic character

El Mulato – A static character
Point Of View Third person omniscient (objective-unbiased). Setting Not told when or where the story takes place but we know...
Used guns
Spanish Speaking Country
• “He lay in the deceptive shadow of the leaves and the indelible shadow of his years as a bandit”
•“holding it gingerly between thumbs and fingertips”
•“rope that bound her ankles to a tree”

•“Throbbing warmth beneath her skin”
•“wearing of riding across the Godforsaken land”

•“She saw dark skin and the eyes of a puma”
Literary Devices Imagery Embellishing Words Metaphors & Similes Significant quotation:
“He was repeating his secret words, as he did more and more obsessively….every time he thought of those two words, he thought of Belisa.”
This quote shows that Belisa’s words are abnormally powerful. This style of writing could fit into the category of magical realism, the style the author is known to use often.
“Belisa’s words could improve dreams or drive away melancholy-or they could pierce like the sharpest daggers” just as she did to the Colonel with the two words she presented him wit
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