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on 17 November 2016

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What's so unique about CSI's ASAP Program?
NYC/NYS Residents or Qualified for In-State Tuition
Admitted as an associate or a pre-baccalaureate student
Exempt from and/or passed at least one CUNY Assessment Tests (CAT)
Participate in Summer Immersion/Math Start if did not pass all CAT
Pursuing an ASAP-supported major (all majors, except nursing, are accepted)
Study full-time (i.e. 15 credits/term or 30 credits/academic year)
Transfer/Continuing Students - Minimum 2.0 GPA and No more than 15 college credits by the end of spring term
Motivated students who want to finish a bachelor's degree in 4 years
Enjoy having a structured support system at college
Accelerated Study in
Associate Programs (ASAP)
Building 5N -- Room 112
Tel: 718.982.3200

What's ASAP?
Start of CUNY ASAP
ASAP Expansion at CSI
Comprehensive College - CSI
Inaugural cohort at CSI in Fall 2015
Enrollment Goal = 300 students (317 Enrolled)
Support from NYC, NYS, and multiple foundations
Inaugural cohort admitted
Supporting associate's degree students at six CUNY Community Colleges
1,132 students enrolled among 6 colleges
Over 10,000 students participated so far
ASAP continues to grow
CUNY ASAP Timeline
Only Public Institution on Staten Island
Comprehensive College - 2 & 4 Yr. Degrees
Degrees at associate through doctoral levels
Unique Institution within CUNY System
Associate AND Baccalaureate Degrees
Support all majors, with the exception of Nursing
En-Route Associate's Degree By End of 2nd Year
Baccalaureate Degree By End of 4th Year
Only ASAP Program supporting through bachelor's degree
ASAP Benefits

Free Unlimited MetroCard or Parking
Funding toward textbooks
Tuition Gap Waiver for financial aid recipients
Opportunities to take summer/winter courses
Dedicated Academic Advisor
ASAP-Designated Sections and Learning Communities
Enhanced Academic Support & Career Development
Priority Registration
Personal & Social
ASAP Workshops and Seminars
Sense of Community
Personal and Professional Growth
Eligibility Guidelines & Criteria
Meet with ASAP advisor as required
Attend selected ASAP workshops
Meet with career specialist
Attend Summer ASAP Orientation
Participate in tutoring
Participation in Summer Immersion/Math Start for any remediation needs
Take 3-5 ASAP designated course sections
ASAP Requirements & Expectations
CSI ASAP Program
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