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Johnny Tremain

No description

Grant Hermetz

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Johnny Tremain

Chapter 10
Johnny is sad that Rab is leaving. He tries to go with Rab. Rab tells him to stay.

1. General Gage sent spies out that were dressed like Yankee men.
2. Rab leaves to join the army.
3. Newman hangs the lanterns in the church.
Chapter 8
Johnny is mad at Rab for taking Cilla out on so many dates. Johnny is then worried that Rab will die fighting?

1. Mr.Lyte becomes ill
2. Miss.Lyte doesn't care what happens to the silver.
3. Cilla tells Johnny to take his cup back.
Chapter 7
Johnny and The Sons of Liberty are happy that the port is closed. Johnny is happy the British were so gullible. He could charge them more money for the letters Goblin and he delivered.

1. Rab gets knocked out
2. General Gage is trying his best to be friends with the people of Boston.
3. Mr.Tweedie is creepy and doesn't mind passing up Madge for Cilla.
Johnny was prideful. He thought he was awesome. He had no respect for his elders.

1.Dusty looked up to Johnny.

2.Dove hated Johnny because Johnny was better than him.

3.Mr.Lapham criticized Johnny's pride.

4.Cilla is Johnny's friend

Johnny was too proud to let people help him with the sugar basin. He was determined not to give Hancock the sugar basin late. He did not obey his master.

1. Hancock makes Johnny proud to make the basin for him.
2. Dove gives Johnny a cracked crucible that burns his hand.
3. Mrs. Lapham didn't stop Johnny from working on Sunday.
Johnny is happy when Merchant Lyte asks him to come back to his house after he tells Mr. Lyte he has the cup. He is mad after Mr. Lyte gets him in prison. He is grateful to Rab for getting him out of prison.

1. Rab helped him get out of prison.
2. Merchant Lyte gets him in prison.
3. Cilla testifies for Johnny.
Chapter 5
Johnny is happy he won the case. Mr. Lyte steals the cup from him and makes him mad. Then Johnny is happy to see Cilla again.

1.Rab gives Johnny a job delivering newspapers .
2.Cilla tells Johnny what is going on at the Lapham house.
3.Mr. Lyte steals the cup from Johnny
Chapter 9
Johnny realizes that is was his pride that had made Dove and him not be friends. Johnny's feelings for Dove had changed. Johnny is a little nicer to Dove.

1. Dove is pro-British even thou they treated him badly.
2. Lieutenant Stranger tries to buy Johnny's horse.
3. Pumpkin deserts the army.
Chapter 11
Johnny's mood is grim because the war has started. People died. More people will die.

1. Dr. Warren goes to help the injured.
2. Uncle Lorne hid in a feather bed so he wouldn't be put in prison.
3. Miss Lyte tells Johnny that he is a Lyte.

Chapter 12
Johnny is happy now to let Dr. Warren operate on his hand. He is proud in his country. He is ready to fight and stand up for his country.

1. Dr. Warren fixes his hand.
2. Rab dies.
3. Lieutenant Stranger got injured.
Johnny is proud in his silversmithing skills. He learns not to be proud in himself, but instead he is proud of his country.
Johnny Tremain

by : Esther Forbes
Johnny is angry that his hand is lame. He is sad that he couldn't find a job. He is mad that he got kicked out of the house.

1. Rab offers Johnny a job.
2. Cilla gives Johnny food.
3.Mrs. Lapham kicks Johnny out of the house.
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 6
Johnny is calm for a little while until the Sons of Liberty decide to dump the tea. Johnny is excited when he is delivering the message for Adams. Johnny gets mad that Dove is stealing tea.

1. Mr. Lorne prints the placards for Adams
2. John Adams organizes the people to dump the tea.
3. Doctor Warren tells Johnny he can fix his hand.
Boston Tea Party
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Boston_Tea_Party_Currier_colored.jpg 11/10/2013

British soldier
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Grenadier_40th_1776.jpg 11/10/2013

Colonial Printing Press
com/books/eggleston/first/zpage095.gif 11/10/2013


Printer and Binder
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