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Copy of Noongar people

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james eades

on 6 August 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Noongar people

The Aboriginal people crossed over to Australia 65,000 years ago from Indonesia, they started migrating across Australia. 15,000 years later they reached W.A. and settled there.
How did they reach WA?

(cc) image by jantik on Flickr
The Noongar people live in the south-west corner of australia. They range from Geraldton to Esperance but mainly colonise along the Swan River.
Where do they live?
Section 1
The Noongar people are the group of aboriginals that settled near the swan river. The Noongar people have many traditions and beliefs such as wagaul dreaming and cave paintings that will be explained further in section 2.
Who are the Noongar people
section 2
The Noongar people believe in Wagaul dreaming. the story of The Dreaming is the world was flat. The Rainbow Serpant woke up from her slumber, she travelled far and wide untill she grew tired so she curled up and slept. when she woke, she called out to the frogs who's mouthes were full of water and tickled their bellies which made them laugh spitting out water, that created the rivers, the seas and the lakes, with water the grass and the trees grew. Also animals awoke and followed the Rainbow serpant across the land the animals were happy and gathered food with their own tribe. Then the rainbow serpant Made laws that the animals had to obey. The rainbow serpant said those who obey my laws will get a reward, that reward is a human body but if you break the laws you will be turned to stone. The tribes were given a totem for their tribe and told that you can never eat someone of your totem but only eat other so that there's enogh food for everyone. This story means to aboriginals like Genesis 1 verse 1 means to christians.
Noongar spirituality
The Noongar people have many different foods that we now think are weird. The Noongar diet is called bush tucker is food that they can get from the land without endagreing animals that also depend on it. The noongar bush tucker diet consists of weird items such as whichitty grubs, honey ant and kangaroo tail.
Their hunter-gather lifestyle means that they have to find food and gather plants to survive.
Noongar food
The tools used by the noongar people are very different to the tools we use today for example when the europeans dicovered australia the Europeans Had industry the nonngars haven't ever heard of industry they were trading and they had simple things such as little huts instead of brick/stone houses. The standard noongar tools are
Kodja - a axe shaped piece of quartz usually atached to some wood of the balga tree so it can be used for chopping and shaping woodern objects.
Spear- a sharpened down piece of quartz atached to a stick of the balga tree using kangaroo resin. the spear was used for hunting and procequing people. It was used for procequiting because the culprit would run they'd spear them in the calf so they couldn't run and then spear them to death if the crime was serious enough.
As you can see from the two examples quartz, balga and kangaroo resin was used widely in aboriginal tools

Noongar Tools/equipment
The noongar people live a hunter gatherer lifestyle Where they hunt and gather neccasary items for survival, these items are reeds for baskets,meat and berries. The noongar people were also nomadic which means they never stay in one place, they move with the seasons, like if it's summer they stay near the coast but in winter they move inland.
Noongar Lifestyle
The noongar people have a diverse culture. One part of their culture is seasons, the 6 seasons dictate where they move for example if it's the hot season they move where it's cooler. Another motivation for moving is resources, because some resources might not appear in some seasons they have to move to find others. Another part of noongar culture is dance and music. At sacred noongar ceremonies the noongar people dance to the sound of the digeridoo and tapping sticks. The noongar people have these ceremonies to remember the wagaul who created everything.
Noongar culture
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