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Water Diversions

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Aleah Asdfjk

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of Water Diversions

Which former Soviet republics border the Aral Sea?
The Aral Sea is bordered by parts of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.
Which rivers mainly supply the Aral Sea?
There are two rivers that supply the Aral Sea. the Amu Darya and Syr Darya rivers.
What government agency is responsible for the Aral Sea and its plight?
Why was the water supply to the Aral Sea diverted?
It was being diverted to be used for agriculture in the desert area.
What resources did the Aral Sea supply to the local inhabitants?
Fishing, water transportation, and recreation
Describe three environmental effects of the fading of this sea
Most of the wild life such as birds and animals died or are dying, there is a lot of metal waste from old boats, and the salinity of the water in the Aral sea has become toxic
Water Diversions
The Aral Sea
The Uzbekistan government
Describe three economic impacts in the region because of water diversion.
Loss of fish for the fishing industry, boating transportation has been lost, and irrigation use for the agriculture around the sea
How is the situation of the Salton Sea similar to the Aral Sea? How is it different?
They are both saline shallow seas. Both have lost wildlife and profits from fishing and transportation. The only difference is they are located in different areas.
How would you describe this region today, other than a “sea”?
It would be a desert with a small lake instead of a sea
Explain five health effects on people related to the vanishing Aral Sea.
The drinking water has become too polluted, the health care system fell apart because there wasn’t any money being produced from the fishing industry, there was maternal mortality rates, reproductive problems, and brain damage and liver failure from the salt and runoff of pesticides
How can the Aral Sea be realistically rehabilitated?
There is a project where the government wants to build two canals that will connect the Volga and ob rivers from Russia to the Aral sea. This will help the Aral sea recover from the drought. The cost of the project will be outweighed after the sea has been rejuvenated
Compare the situation in Mono Lake in California with that of the Aral Sea.
The governments diverted water so it can be used for agriculture and industrial use. Both are barren and have serious effects on the area.
How did the Mono Lake problem arise?
The river that supplied mono lake was being diverted to supply the area with water due to rising population.
Describe three ways the problems of Mono Lake are similar to those of the Aral Sea.
The diversion of the rivers flow to the lake/sea, the loss of fish life in the water, and the loss of economic opportunities from fishing the fish in the lake/sea
Discuss three ways the problems of Mono Lake are different from those of the Aral Sea.
The climate in the both areas vary majorly. This make the the mono lake a less severe problem than the Aral sea. The Mono Lake is in a better developed area then the Aral sea.
Summarize the proposals and actions to remediate Mono Lake.
The Mono Lake committee wants to fix the damage done to the lake and educate the public about the problem and how to use their resources conversely.
Compare water diversion influences on the Colorado River with those on the Salton Sea and the Aral Sea.
The Aral sea was because of fishing industry and drained to irrigate cotton fields. The Aral sea was for agriculture and a drainage reservoir. The Colorado river was diverted for irrigation, hydroelectric energy, and recreation.
Describe three ways that diversion influences on the Colorado River are different from the Salton Sea and the Aral Sea.
The Colorado river was because of hydroelectric energy and recreation while the others were for industries such as food and agriculture.

What is a tributary?
A river or stream flowing into a large river or lake.
Map of the Colorado River Basin
Where is the source of the Colorado River?
The source is La Poudre Pass Lake at the Rocky Mountains National Park
What are some of the main tributaries and their sources?
The main tributaries are the Gunnison River the source is the Silver Jack Reservoir. Another one is the Green River and the source is the Wind River Range of Wyoming, and the San Juan River and the source is the San Juan Mountains
What is the most important origin of water in the Colorado River?
The most important origin is the Rockies
Who decides where the water in the river system goes?
The Colorado River Compact
What is a watershed?
An area of a ridge of land that separate waters flowing to different rivers, basin,or seas
It is divided by upper and lower basin, each basin is allocated 7.5 million acres per year. The states within each basin have to decide how much water is distributed to each state.
How is the Colorado River resource divided between the various states in the watershed and beyond?
How do the individual states use the water?
Irrigation, recreation, water, and electrical power.
Describe some of the conflicts that arise over water use. How are they usually resolved?
Some metropolis’s are in the middle of the desert and rely heavily on the water for electricity and farmers need it for crops. Transferring water from agriculture to urban areas is now necessary.
How are the conflicts between public and private use managed?
By the Colorado River Basin Salinity growth control program. The secretary of the interior executes the program to control salinity.
Serious differences with Mexico exist concerning the amount of water the Mexicans receive from the river. Explain why this problem exists and what can be done to work out this dispute between the countries.
Water ends up being diverted before it gets to Mexico we can creat make the river not be diverted anymore so those in Mexico can get water.
The Tigris and Euphrates Rivers cross international boundaries in their path to the Persian Gulf. Why is this problem potentially greater than the one that exists on the Colorado River?
The Colorado River is mainly used for irrigation by the U.S. and Mexico while the Euphrates and Tigris are used for consumption, sanitation, and irrigation.
Compare the problem of water diversions on the Yangtze River in China with those of the Colorado River.
The Colorado River causes a water shortage in Mexico the Yangtze River causes a water shortage in Northern China. The shortage of water does not allow Mexicans to irrigate their crops and in China there are domestic conflicts between agricultural groups.
The Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River in China is very controversial. Why was this dam built?
It caused half a million residents to move from their homes it was built to help cease the water shortages in Northern China
Describe how this dam differs from dams on the Colorado River, such as the Glen Canyon Dam or the Hoover Dam, with respect to the following: disruption of human life, environmental impact, archeology, local culture, and natural beauty.
The Hoover dam provides electricity and acts as a protection wall for the cities below the dam while the Three Gorges dam provides electricity only. Many people were against the building of the Three Gorges dam since they had to be relocated. The Hoover Dam has caused riverbed lowering, greenhouse gas emissions, ecosystem problems, and water contamination issues. The Three Gorges dam has similar issues except there were landslides and deforestation.
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