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Copy of CRCT Training 2012

Training procedures for administering the CRCT

Andrea King

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of CRCT Training 2012

Agenda Preparation Monitoring The Road to a Successful CRCT Administration We will cover the following:
General CRCT Information
General testing guidelines and Requirements
Irregularities Teachers are expected to monitor students by circulating and checking to prevent cheating, use of calculators, going ahead, looking back, etc….
Teachers should not use :
cell phones
send email
grade papers
accepts or make phone calls, etc…;
Please actively monitor students as they complete the assessment by routinely walking by students' desks to ensure that they are following directions, are in the appropriate section of the test and are answering in the appropriate section of the answer document.
Maintain an Examiner's Incident Log that notes any unusual occurrence during the test that could cause an inflated or deflated score.
Any incident worth noting should be recorded by the teacher in the Examiner's Incident Log.
Examples of when to use the form:
A student gets off line and erases several answers to get back on track
A student puts answers in the wrong section, moves answers to a new location, and erases original marks
A student gets sick and goes to the restroom during the test
A student doodles on the answer document (may cause them not to get a score) Irregularities (IR) Events and circumstances, or departures from standardized testing procedures are irregularities. They may have an impact on student performance that is not possible to define. They are reported and student scores are flagged simply to say, “There is something different about the conditions under which this score was obtained. Use caution in interpreting the score.” Questions and or Comments
When in doubt, give me a shout! CRCT
April 3, 2013
2:40 P.M.

Friday, April 19 Make-ups Reading/ELA
Monday, April 22 Make-ups Math
Thursday, April 25 Make-ups Science/Social Studies
Friday, April 26 Due Dates for Scorables to Warehouse: Make-Up Dates Reading April 16, 2013 Section 1.......45-70 minutes Seciton 2........45-70 minutes English Language Arts Wednesday, April 17, 2013 Tuesday, Section 1......45-70 minutes Section 2......45-70 minutes Math Thursday, April 4, 2013 Section 1.....45-70 minutes Section 2......45-70 minutes Important CRCT Dates Science Tuesday, April 23, 2013 Section 1.....45-70 minutes Section 2.....45-70 minutes Social Studies Wednesday, April 24, 2013 Section 1....45-70 minutes Section 2....45-70 minutes Basic Reminders:
Content Areas - Reading, ELA, Math, Science and Social Studies
Grades being tested:
Spring Main Administration: Grades 3 – 8
Summer Retest Administration: Grade 3 –Reading; Grades 5 & 8 - Reading and Math
All items are “Selected Response” (multiple choice) CRCT Test Constructs There should be no weekend activities or entry between April 1 and April 29 unless the Area Assistant Superintendent and the office of Assessment and Accountability have been notified. All DeKalb County Schools will rotate Test Examiners for the 2013 CRCT Main Administration. No teacher should administer any section of the CRCT to his/her own students. Best Practices for state mandated Assessments... Before testing Remove/cover all instructional materials from walls cabinets, desks, etc...that may prompt student response...by end of the day April 15
Arrange student desks/tables in positions to promote individual work. Each student should have a defined space for testing.
All standardized tests must begin within thirty minutes of the school’s official start time. We will begin each day at 8:10. Best Practices for State mandated Assessments... During testing Post a sign on the outside of the classroom door prior to testing each day:
"Testing: Do Not Disturb."
Have students sign a daily roster that includes the book and form number of the test booklet when test booklets are first given to students.
Students take one content area per day.Please follow the administration schedule for the appropriate test and test section to be completed each day.
All sections from a single content area must be administered the same day.
Students can write in the test books (but Highlighters are not allowed!)
Teachers should record the start and stop time of each test section...
As a general rule, a student who leaves the room during Section 1 may not complete Section 1. They may resume testing in Section 2 once it starts.
An exception relative to a restroom emergency is explained in restroom break guidance document.
Examiners should collect and count all materials each day before leaving the test environment. Any incident worth noting should be recorded by the Test Examiner in the Examiner’s Incident Log. The Examiner’s Incident Logs should then be collected by the Test Coordinator and remain on file for five years. If the incident rises to the appropriate level, it should be reported as an irregularity CRCT Examiner’s Incident Log Do not remove or stop any student from taking the test. Get a hall monitor... Best Practices for State Mandated Assessments Testing Guidlines and Requirements Events and circumstances that depart from standardized testing procedures are

Irregularities that significantly affect
student performances or compromise the
integrity of the testing may result in
invalidation of student scores. Irregularities (IR) / Invalidations (IV) Examples of Irregularities in Security Procedures:
Examinee was given access to test questions or prompts prior to testing
Test Examiner or other personnel copied or reproduced and distributed secure test materials
Test Examiner or other personnel provided answers to the examinee
Interruptions in normal administration schedule Examples of Irregularities during Testing Administration:
Test Examiner or other personnel failed to follow administration directions for the test
Examinee’s test booklet or answer sheets are lost
Test Examiner fails to provide an examinee with a documented accommodation or provides examinee with an accommodation that is not documented All personnel in the local system must follow protocol as they become aware of testing irregularities.

-Examiner must notify Principal and School Test Coordinator of incident
-School Test Coordinator must notify System Test Coordinator
-Request detailed written statements from all parties involved if necessary
-Follow up on details (“connect the dots”)
-Follow district procedures regarding alleged misconduct Steps for Reporting an Irregularity Irregularities MUST be handled and reported

More examples of irregularities (or IV / PIV):
wrong version of a test;
wrong accommodations;
students working in the wrong section;
testing procedures not being followed;
missing test materials;
breach of test security; Reporting Irregularities and Invalidations Test Examiners, Proctors, and Monitors are NOT to read a student test. The only exception would be an "oral reading" accommodation.

Test Examiners, proctors, and Monitors are NOT to discuss questions or answers with students

If students raise questions about the test items simply explain" I'm not allowed to discuss the test questions and answers with you"

Document verbalized student concerns about a test question/answer choices and submit to Ms. King who will relay the information to the Office of Assessment and Accountability

Give examinees access to test questions prior to testing;

Copy, reproduce, or use in any manner inconsistent with test security regulations all or any portion of secure test booklets;

Coach examinees during testing, or alter or interfere with examinees’ responses in any way;

Makes answers available to examinees;

Fail to follow security regulations for distribution and return of secure test materials as directed, or fail to account for all secure test materials before, during, and after testing;

Use the secure test booklets for any purpose other than examination; or

Participate in, direct, aid, counsel, assist, encourage, or fail to report any of these prohibited acts. Breaches of Professional Ethics Daily Task Schedule 7:20~

Hall Monitors check-in to assigned grade level to offer teachers an opportunity to pick up tests in the Media Center


Pick up testing materials in the Media Center Count test booklets and answer documents
Complete/leave materials Verification form in media Center
Complete the Student Sign-In Sheet with form numbers
Ensure that ALL students take a restroom and water break
Ensure that each student has a defined space for testing
Double check room for any uncovered instructional materials
Ask students to clear desks and floor, as well as place any reading books in desks
Sharpen any additional pencils, if needed
Post "Testing: Do Not Disturb" sign on the door
Finish up any tasks from the list above
Listen for morning announcements
Check for any absences
Help Students to get quiet and prepare to take their tests
Last chance to pick up testing tub from the Media Center

Await "Begin testing " announcement
Follow the CRCT Sprint 2013 Test Administration Schedule
During the last section, complete your "Daily Absences" form and place it in your red folder

Upon completion of test:
Collect and count Test booklets separately and place in the bottom of tub
Collect and count Answer Sheets separately and place in your Testing Folder
Place "Student Daily Absence Sheet, Student Sign-In sheet, CRCT Examiner's Incident Log, Test Examiner's Manual, and any other forms back in your Testing Folder
Collect pencils, bundle, places elastic band back around bundle and place in tub
Remove "Testing; Do Not Disturb" sign from outside of the door and replace in folder
Return to Media Center to check in testing Materials.
Follow 2013 CRCT Electives schedule Materials verification form must be completed each day. Test Examiner should count and sign-out materials. Test Coordinator (or assistant) should count and sign-in materials! Materials Verification Form: CRCT
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