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Grade 11 IB Math Studies - 2. Probability

No description

Steve Myers

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of Grade 11 IB Math Studies - 2. Probability

Grade 12 IB Mathematical Studies
Theoretical Probability:
Sample Space
Experimental Probability:
Using trials of an experiment to estimate probability of future outcomes
Number of Trials:
Number of times an experiment is repeated
All possible results of the experiment
The number of times an outcome occurs
Relative Frequency:
Frequency divided by number
of trials
Investigation: Pin Toss
Tossing two pins simultaneously
Both up
One up, one down
Both down
Big Idea:
Probability that can be calculated exactly without experiments
- the probability of event A happening
Probabilities can take values from 0 to 1, with 0 being and 1 being .
P(A) =
successful outcomes
total possible outcomes
Example: P(A)
If you roll a six sided die, what is the probability of rolling an even number?
is the set of
all possible outcomes
Sample space
We have 4 ways to visually represent sample space:
2D Grids
Tree Diagrams
Venn Diagrams
Example: Sample Space
Represent the sample space of tossing a coin and rolling a die using:
a) a list
b) a 2D Grid
c) a Tree Diagram
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