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Sports Injuries Assignment 2

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Matt Baston

on 27 June 2014

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Transcript of Sports Injuries Assignment 2

This is sports injuries, with in sport there are physiological and psychological factors that contribute towards injuries.
Assignment 2
Sports Injuries Assignment 2
A grade 1 sprain is when you over stretch or have a light tear of the ligaments. This is the lowest form of sprain. This is a mild sprain and a personld usually experience minimal pain with some swelling and bruising. The person would usually be able to put weight on the joint that has been injuried. A sprained ankle would usually keep you out for about a few days-a week.
A grade 2 sprain is a more moderate sprain, this causes part tearing of the ligament. This is will give the person a more painful felling when putting weight on the joint and will swell and bruise. A MRI or x-ray might have to be needed. This type of sprain could keep you out for upto 6 weeks depending how bad it is.
This type of strain is mild, during this only a few muscle fibers were damaged. when this happens the healing time would be within 2-3 weeks.
This type of strain is more moderate, this happens when the muscle fibers are damaged more then grade 1 but are not completely ruptured. This injury has a healing time of 3-6 weeks.
In football anxiety could be found in things like playing in a big tournament or playing in a big stadium,these would be because the player would be nervous and worrying in case something happened or the fact its on the big stage. As the player would be nervous he/she might make incorrect decisions which could have a effect on the match.A football called Owen Hargreaves was thought to maybe have anxiety issues. He's first game back for Man Utd lasted only 6 minutes after he had a hamstring injury, many believe that his nervous of making a comeback played party into him getting injuried.
In football Depression doesn't really kick in till after they retire as a lot of players miss the game and don't know what to do when they do, a lot of players turn to having a drinking problem or drugs for example, Paul Gascoigne and George Best. A player called Gary Speed also killed himself noone really knows the reasons why he died but could be a mix of depression and other issues that has happened in his life. Also former player Clarke Carlisle admitted that he tried to kill himself at the age of 21 after he couldn't cope with being injured he tried to take a overdose. But since them he is the worlds brainiest football player and is chairman of players union and want the FA to set up a hotline for players with depression.
This is a physiological factor. A strain is a muscle or tendon injury. A strain happens when you overstretch the muscle, this could also result in a complete or partial tear of the muscle, this is in extreme cases. Strains are kinda the same as sprains.
In sport most players try to keep their anger on the minimume but some players like to express it. In football anger could be shown in many way for example, if your losing you might get a bit anger which would turn into determination as you want to win the match so the passion raises, or in some bad cases you go into injurer someone. the example of this is the hot headed former Man Utd player Roy Keane,In 1997 a player called Alf-Inge Haland tackled Keane and left him out for over a year, in 2001 Keane feeling angry towards it crunched Haland in the right knee (which he needed surgery for after) and apparently ending his career. This shows how one player kept a grudge for over 4 years till they next played to get revenge. In football now a days you don't see many players purposely trying to injurer there opponent compared to Keane's incident. But this shows how much anger Keane had going into the match to tackle like that.
Grade 1 Strain
Grade 2 Strain
Grade 1 Sprain
Grade 2 Sprain
This is a physiological factors, a sprain is a ligament injury. it's the tissue that connects the bone to the other. Ligament injuries happen when you stretch or tear the tissues muscle.
Grade 3 Sprain
The grade 3 sprain is the worst grade it is severe, this results in a complete tear or rupture in the ligament. The bruising and swelling will be worse in grade 3 compared to the others and the pain will be more heavier and you wont be able to put weight on the joint. If this occurs then you will more likely have a x-ray to make sure there isn't more damage, This could also require surgery. This type of sprain would keep you out for a while depending on how serious it is and whether you need surgery or not.
Grade 3 Strain
This type of strain is the worst, this is when you completly rupture the muscle fibers, if this occurred you are more likely to need to have surgery to repair the muscle, this healing time for this grade can be upto 3 months.
Frustration and Isolation from team-mates
In sport When joining a new team the most frustrating part is not getting on with your team-team, this would manly happen in grassroots and amateur level as a lot of players are young.This could happen as if you join you might be a rival player to a position that someone already has. In football the most frustrating thing is losing a match as all players want to win.Also if a player falls out with the manager it will mean he would be isolated from the team so his confidence will go down
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