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marina thephasone

on 29 April 2010

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http://www.oncura.net/history-of-brachytherapy.php the road to developing brachytherapy. WHAT IS IT? basic info. helping hands. brachytherapy is a form of radiotherapy for brachytherapy, a radiation source is placed inside or around the area that needs to be treated WHAT DOES IT TREAT? brachytherapy and the body. above is a chart showing the many places that brachytherapy can be used. on the body. the left figure is female and the right figure is male. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Clinical_applications_of_brachytherapy.jpg radioactive seed type things are carefully placed inside the cancerous area these seeds are about the size of a grain of rice and they are positioned to attack the cancer cell most efficiently radioactive seeds that are inserted into the cancerous area brachytherapy dates back to 1901 that means it has been used for over a century Pierre Curie suggested to Henri-Alexandre Danlos that a radioactive source could be inserted into a tumor this was suggested because the idea of radiation causing tumors to shrink was just found http://www.cancer.ca/Manitoba/About%20cancer/Treatment/Radiation/Brachytherapy.aspx?sc_lang=en&r=1 the radiation doesn't affect the operator, thanks to the developement of remote afterloading systems makes it widely popular and effective ADVANTAGES what's good about it. two main types of brachytherapy placement treatments: INTERSTITIAL the source is placed directly in the target tissue of the affected site CONTACT the radiation source is placed in a space next to the target tissue Pierre Curie Henri - Alexandre Danlos DISADVANTAGES what's "bad" about it. http://www.americanbrachytherapy.org/aboutBrachytherapy/brachy.cfm http://www.upmccancercenters.com/cancer/prostate/radbratherapy.html SIDE EFFECTS what else will i feel. IMMEDIATE swelling, soreness in treatment area sometimes partnered with bruising *immediate side effects are mild and will only last a couple of days; painkillers could be prescribed if needed SHORT-TERM for prostate cancer treatment, a slight burning or bleeding beneath the scrotum could occur
there could also be blood in your urine LONG-TERM for prostate cancer treatment, erectile dysfunction could occur in about 15-30% of patients. it is also dependent on age
may cause damage or disruptions to tissues/ organs near the treated area
for breast of skin cancer treatment, scarring around the treated area could occur
fat necrosis is a rare condition to breast cancer patients that have been treated. this causes the breasts to become swollen and tender well... this is prostate cancer treatment using brachytherapy brachytherapy causes little interruption to your life's daily activites, unlike major surgery or daily radiation treatments erectile dysfunction is caused less frequently with brachytherapy than it is with surgery or external beam radiation therapy infections and bleeding are some disadvantages to this 90-minute surgical process just like other surgeries using general anesthesia, death is a risk. despite that, it is a very rare occurance general anesthesia brachytherapy mostly treats breast cancer as well as prostate cancer
it is also common to treating cancer in the cervix and on the skin (skin cancer) treatment plan during brachytherapy PROCEDURE what will i have to go through. the tumor must be accuratley understood this can be done using x-ray radiography, ultrasound, CT scans, or MRIs http://www.radiologyinfo.org/en/info.cfm?pg=brachy#part_six a needle is then inserted into the tumor. this needle is equipped with the seed type things
the needle is then removed with the seeds implanted into the tumor PERMANENT BRACHYTHERAPY presentation by: MARINA (: and NATHAN
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