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What technology-led innovation is doing to the future of dat

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Tim Macer

on 19 November 2015

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Transcript of What technology-led innovation is doing to the future of dat

Tim Macer
meaning ltd

What technology-led innovation is doing to the future of data collection

Qualtrics Webinar
19 November 2015

Hon. Research Fellow, Winchester Business School, University of Winchester, UK
Support mobile or PC participation for surveys
Don’t support mobile devices, don’t prevent it
Block mobile participation
Only provide mobile support if required
Image by Barcex, Wikipedia
Support mobile for 'many' surveys
Support mobile for 'many' surveys
Don’t support mobile devices, don’t prevent it
Support mobile or PC participation for surveys
One-third of research firms are not routinely making their surveys web-friendly
Q. Thinking just about your web surveys, what proportion of participants are taking these surveys on small format mobile devices such as smartphones?

Source: FocusVision Market Research Technology Report by meaning ltd, 2014
Confirmit Market Research Technlogy Survey by meaning ltd, 2011-2013
Yet more people every year are taking any web surveys on mobile devices
Q: Which of these most closely reflects your approach to participants wishing to take online surveys on mobile devices?
Source: 2014 FocusVision Market Research Technology Report by meaning ltd
Only a minority of firms are considering mobile at the design stage
Q. How often would you say that the question of dealing with survey participants on mobile devices is discussed when designing onnline research projects?
Source: 2014 FocusVision Market Research Technology Report by meaning ltd
We also find…
71% of firms report it is easy to get the software they use to produce dual mode web/mobile

Nearly all firms (91%) consider dual mobile/web support should be a core capability of any survey platform today

Technology is
the barrier
Q. "Which method do you think will dominate in the future, as the technology matures?"
Actual response options gives: "App", "Browser", "Neither will dominate
Source: 2012 Confirmit MR Technology Survey by meaning. Base: 250 companies
Is the future all about apps or browsers for mobile surveys?
How do you achieve shorter surveys?
Behind the average, opinions vary widely
Adopting policy or best practice guidance
Adaptive surveys
Break up projects into several smaller surveys
Substitute semi-structured/open questions for question batteries
Something else
What is the natural limit for a survey...?
on the telephone?
on the web?
on a mobile device?
19.9 mins
19.9 mins
8.3 mins
"Q. What do you consider is the natural limit for these kinds of surveys, in interview length?"
Source: 2012 Confirmit MR Technology Survey by meaning. Base: 250 companies
49% think mobile surveys should be less than 5 minutes!
…and it can be discontinuous and disruptive
Market research has greatly benefited from
MR tends to prefer incremental innovation, because it lets methods mature and endure
Chart originally devised by the presenter in 2003, revised and extended 2015
Online research has been the biggest transformation of the last decade-and-a-half in data collection
but was online research
or was it
The most potent disruptive innovation for market research data collection today is the smartphone
Today, smartphones really matter as a channel for Internet access
Source: Cisco
Visual Networking Index: Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update 2014–2019
The rate that mobile data traffic grew, the same year
The share that smartphones represented of all mobile devices connected to the Internet last year
"For the first time, more than one-quarter of the global population will use smartphones in 2015"
11 December 2014
Global smartphone sales of 346m units in Q4 2014, up 19% on Q4 2013
17 February 2015
Global Smartphone Sales exceed 1.2bn units in 2014
Source: Google Consumer Barometer, 2014
How much are people using smartphones in preference to computers or tablets to access the Internet?
So, how are market research companies facing up to the challenge?
The rate that smartphone usage grew in 2014
Some big numbers...
The survey app will dominate
The mobile browser will dominate
Neither (we're going to need both)
Too many research companies appear not to taking the disruptive threat of mobile devices seriously!
And there are many challenges…
Innovation can be continuous and incremental
Q. "Which of these methods, if any, does your company use, to limit survey length?"
Source: 2012 Confirmit MR Technology Survey by meaning. Base: 250 companies
Mobile-friendly research also provides new opportunities
reach people when they are available
reach them in a medium where they willing to talk
get closer to the moment of truth
in future, the old ways are just not going to work!
Other data
Big data
Social media data
Website data
CRM data
CEM data
DIY survey data
Financial data
transactional data
Public data
Official statistics
Issue 50 | January/February 2015
Five companies providing or producing consumer insights in innovative ways
…and collecting very little data
POS data
Their logical conclusion is —
the future is in the hands of the data scientist
almost all those I interviewed, though they are providing consumer, product and marketing insight, don't think of themselves as market researchers or part of the MR industry
We no longer need surveys, when we have all this real, accurate,
up-to-date and free data.
John Forsyth and Leah Boucher
Yet, in the same issue of RW…
"Why Big Data is Not Enough: and what market research brings to the party"
Research World Jan/Feb 2015
“We look for high frequency data series that are published monthly, weekly or sometimes daily, because we want indicators that can pick up the rhythm of the market in the area of interest.”
Joe Gatto
"The Prediction Pioneers", Issue 46 | June/July 2014
What Big Data lacks in quality or completeness, it makes up for in its immediacy
Big Data = recent data
an hour ago, a day ago, a week ago
and big data analytics
International Planning and Research Corporation
There is a rich but different future for research data in new landscape of multi-source data
ask about things that haven't happened
tap into people's imaginations
examine motivations
plug gaps in Big Data
explore emotions
With a survey, we can
The survey data of the future needs to be high frequency and match the rhythm of the market or the organisation
that means new levels of
speed to deploy
accuracy and error control
automation in deployment
standardisation - using standard components
speed to deliver the data
data and system integration
Principal data collection modes, by volume, 2006-2014
Minority data collection modes, by volume, 2006-2014
Preparing for the future
Turning the threats into opportunities
1. Embrace mobile with open arms
Set up or review your policies internally
Make every study mobile enabled
Address excessive survey length
Educate your clients and bring them with you
Look to what your software (and your software providers) can do to help you
Create a mobile innovation champion and task force
2. Go high-frequency
Be ready to provide data at the frequency demanded by integrated Big Data analytics information systems
Convene a task force to look at every stage of your data collection process, to make it ultra-efficient
Be rigorous about developing libraries of re-usable components
Look for software that will help you become more efficient
A couple of interesting innovations
SurveyTester from Knowlege Navigators
CToS LiveWare
from CrossTab Marketing Services
3. Integrate
Surveys can no longer be silos
Work out your strategy for being able to integrate your data and your processes into
3rd party systems
your provider's systems
your client's systems
Integration brings efficiency and emphasizes value
It encourages longer-term relationships, though mutual investment and synergy
They don't need to be, thanks to APIs, web services and other integration methods
Quality will be at the heart of tomorrow's data collection proposition
Data quality is something where market researchers justly can point to a proud heritage
Thank you
Go bite-sized and be prepared to double-dip
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