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Social Media Etiquette

No description

emanuel ambar

on 25 March 2015

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Transcript of Social Media Etiquette

Social Media Networks..
Social Networking, a way of communicating with the world..
Social media etiquette..
Take a moment before posting..
Social Media Etiquette
By Manny Ambar
Gen 2243

Having social media etiquette is important. Good social media etiquette will attract positive influences and ultimately build a notable foundation for your PLN. Remember to always..
be polite, show manners, as if you're face to face.
be mindful, others have different views and opinions.
give credit, it shows you're reliable.
interact with others, engage in topics of interests, expand your knowledge.
Meet Pax Dickinson..
Social media networks allow millions of people to connect and share tons of information in a variety of ways, usually in the form of pictures, videos, and written text.
Social networking has made millions of connections between people and has given many great opportunities. Unfortunately it is also taken away opportunities of some who use it in a negative way.
Something many people don't know is that we leave a trail all over the internet called our digital footprint..
Our digital footprint follows us everywhere we go on the internet and can be viewed by anyone.
So don't post something you think you might regret..

future employers

We have to keep in mind everyone has their own opinions and views. Other people may react differently to your posts then what you'd expect. That is why it is crucial to have social media etiquette. Knowing what's appropriate to post and whats not.
, a former CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of Business Insider
is a great example of a person with bad social media etiquette.
Many of his tweets were..
Everything you post stays on the internet..
Have manners and a certain level of etiquette; know the "Do's and Dont's" of posting.
No one wants to be fired because of something they posted on social media..
Everything we post becomes part of our digital footprint. Something anyone can view..
It's polite to reply back to people who comment on your posts. Replying back shows that person you acknowledge their response.
Engage with audiences of similar interests
Share relevant information
Give commentary but be sensitive
Ask questions

Use proper grammar..
Using proper grammar shows audiences you are educated and worth engaging with.
Proper grammar allows the audience to understand your point.
Will attract more of an educated and knowledgeable audience.
Create different platforms..
It is wise to create multiple social media platforms so you can separate your personal social platform from your professional social platform. This allows you to..
stay organized
build your identity
maintain privacy
Cite your resources..
It is polite and honest to cite your sources whether it be a link to an article or tagging a friend. Citing your sources..
makes you more credible
allows information to be shared
shows your audience you are resourceful
Be Mindful...
Recognize the diversity of your audience.
Be sensitive to controversial issues and try your best to limit your interactions in them.
Respect others views/opinions, you may not agree with.

Post negative/offensive comments..
Never bad mouth a current or former employer, colleague, or company.
Don't post anything that may be perceived as racist, biased, or illegal.
Don't post inappropriate, offensive, and negative comments. They will come back to haunt you.
Over Post or Spam
USING ALL CAPS, slang terms, or shortened words..
Is never a good idea. Doesn't look good and leaves a bad impression.
Professionals won't approve.
Can be illegible and then misinterpreted by others.
Stealing Posts..
Honesty and acknowledgment goes along way.
Giving credit where credit is do builds your representation and makes you credible/reliable.
Writing a polite thanks or positive comment along with a RT, share, etc goes along way and builds relationships.
Be respectful
Engage with people
Consider your audiences opinions and reactions to your posts.
Be polite
Be close-minded
Be opinionated
Post offensive/negative comments
Overly post
Use slang or provocative language
Over posting can be annoying and is usually unnecessary.
It may cause your followers to unfollow you.
Can give you a bad rep.
Argue over controversial topics..
Arguing, especially over controversial topics like politics is never a good idea.
Be polite when stating your opinion.
Keep it short and sweet. Arguments on social media can heat up quick and tend to leave bad impressions.

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